Freeman's Journal — 2 November 1843

County of Dublin

  The following is a transcript of the Special Jury panel of the county of Dublin:—

County of dublin to wit


  The Special Jurors' list for the said county, returned by order, bearing date the .. day of ... 1843, strike a Special Jury in this case
NoName, Address, Occupation
6Edward ALEXANDER of Monkstown, timber merchant
8Luke ALLEN of Killiney, esq
9Jonathan ALLEY of Artane, esq
12Nathaniel ANDERSON of Willfield, sandymount, merchant
2Richard ANDERSON of Kilternan, esq
5William ANDREWS of Upper Charlemont-st, merchant
3John L ARABIN of Corkagh, esq
7Thomas ARMSTRONG of Sandymount, esq
1John ASKINS of Sandymount, Architect
11William ASKINS of Sandymount, Architect
4Edward ATKINSON of Monkstown, esq
10John ATKINSON of Artane, esq
16Henry BACHELOR of Abbeville, esq
22John BACHELOR of Kinsealy, esq
13Samuel BAIRD of Sandycove Terace, esq
24Sir Robert BAKER of Donnybrook, knt
26Andrew BALL of Malahide, esq
40Hill Hamilton BARRETT of Platanus Buildings, merchant
34John BARRINGTON of Cabinteely, esq
27John BARROW of Sybil hill, magistrate
29James BARRY of Sandycove, esq
21Paul BARRY of rathmines, esq
37James BARTON of Vergemount, esq
19John BARTON of Stoneview, hosier
38John BARTON of Upper Baggot street, esq
23Emanuel BAYLEY of Kilgobbin, esq
49Francis BELL of Pembroke road, esq
45James BENNETT of Newcastle, merchant
33Joseph BEWLEY of Sandford, merchant
47Samuel BEWLEY of Sandford, esq
15William BIGGER of Shankhill, esq
31Mansergh BLACKER of Sandymount, esq
20William BOAKE of Roebuck, linen draper
18George BOILEAU of Stillorgan, merchant
50John BOLTON of Haddington road, esq
41Richard BOOTH of Upper Leeson street, merchant
14Sir Edward BOROUGH of Coolock, bart
17Samuel BOXWELL of Dundrum, esq
32William BRASSINGTON of Rathmines road, esq
43George BRENAN of Merrion House, esq
28John BRENAN of Kingstown, esq
39John BRIERLY of Clontarf, esq
51Abraham BRISCOE of Rathmines, esq
25Henry BROOKS of Coolock, merchant
42George BROWNE of Northumberland Avenue, esq
36Loftus A BRYAN of Upper Baggot street, esq
48John Lindsay BUCKNELL of Percy place, esq
46Francis BURKE of Rathfarnham, merchant
35James BURKE of Bullock, merchant
30John BUTLER of Leinster terrace, esq
44Thomas BYRNE of Dundrum, esq
58William CALDBECK of Clondalkin, magistrate
59Ignathis CALLAGHAN of Clonsilla, merchant
65Mathew CALLAGHAN of Artane, esq
68Hugh CHAMBERS of Clontarf, merchant
60Joshua M CHAYTOR of Monkstown, merchant
57George CLARKE of Esker, esq
73Peter Roe CLARKE of Upper Baggot street, merchant
62Anthony CLAVELL of Rathmines, esq
63Gilbert COCKBURNE of Rathmines, esq
72William COCKBURNE of pembroke road, esq
76Francis A CODD of Roebuck, merchant
69John COLCLOUGH of Rathmines, salesmaster
54Wm. Chaigneau COLVILLE of Clontarf, merchant
75Joseph COMYNS of Upper Baggot street, woolen draper
66Robert COOPER of Hartstown, esq
52Elias CORBALLY of Rathbeal, magistrate
67Edward CORBET of Churchtown, esq
55Edward COTTINGHAM of Belfield, Artane, esq
70George COWELL of Milltown, tobacconist
64Joseph COWPER of Dunleary, merchant
56Ambrose COX of Merrion avenue, esq
77John CROKER of Newcastle, merchant
53Leland CROSTHWAITE of Clontarf, merchant
71Thomas CROSTHWAITS of Chapelizod, esq
61John CUMMING of Roebuck, esq
74William CURRY, jun. of Upper Baggot street, bookseller
85John D'ARCY of Raheny, brewer
89William DALY of Cullenswood, esq
79Jonathan DAVERELL of Booterstown, merchant
80Charles DAVIS of Whitechurch, esq
90Hamilton DE VILLIERS of Simmonds court, esq
86Henry DE VILLIERS of Upper Charlemont street, esq
78William R DIGBY of Rathmines, esq
84John DOHERTY of Rathmines, esq
87Edward W DREW of Kingstown, esq
88John DRUMMOND of Priesthouse, esq
81John DUFFY of Roebuck, merchant
83James DUGGAN of Glasthule, iron merchant
92Benjamin EATON of Monkstown, esq
93Cornelius EGAN of Kingstown, merchant
95John ELLIOTT of Rathmines, esq
94William ENGLISH of Castleknock, esq
91John ENNIS of Robuck and High street, merchant
112Francis FALKINER of Upper Baggot street, esq
103George FALKNER of Little Bray, esq
97Fergus FARRELL of Richmond, esq
106Andrew Wiliam FERGUSON of Kiliney, esq
98Archibald FERGUSON of Monkstown, merchant
96Alexander FERRIER of Castleknock, merchant
114Alexander FERRIER, jun of Rathmines, esq
104Wiliam FIGGIS of Clondalkin, esq
105Alexander FINDLATER of Kingstown, esq
113John FLANIGAN of Templeogue, esq
109John S FLEMING of Mongstown, esq
102Charles FLETCHER of Merrion avenue, esq
108Richard FLETCHER of Kingstown, esq
101William FLOOD of Kilmacud, merchant
110John S FOLDS of Blackrock, esq
100Simon FOOT of Whitechurch, esq
116John FOTTRELL of Rathmines, merchant
115George FOWLER of Rathmines, merchant
107Charles FRASER of Portmarnock, esq
117Edward FREEMAN of Rathdown, esq
111William FRY of Garvile, merchant
99Norbury FURNACE of Baldoyle, esq
125Edward GALLIVAN of Rathmines, esq
123Josepg George GARNER of Mountpelier parade, esq
129Richard GARRETT of Monkstown, merchant
121Henry GEORGHEGAN of Rathmines, esq
131Jocob T GEORGHEGAN of Rathmines, merchant
118William M GEORGHEGAN of Rathmines, esq
132John GERARD of the Ward, esq
133John GODLEY of Oatlands, esq
127Francis GOGARTY of Coolock, esq
120Patrick GOGARTY of Newtown park, esq
119John GOSSON of Meudon, coach proprietor
124Benjamin GRANT of Monkstown, esq
126Robert GRAY of Monkstown, esq
134William Smith GRAY of Waltham terace, esq
130Francis GREEN of Elmpark, Grange, esq
122Thomas M GRESHAM of Raheny, esq
128Benjamin Lee GUINNESS of Thornhill, merchant
152Charles HALLIDAY of Monkstown, esq
136James HAMILTON of Riversdale, esq
140James HAMILTON of Salisbury villa, esq
139James Hans HAMILTON of Abbotstown, esq
141Jeremiah HANKS of Bullock, esq
137William HANKS of Bullock, esq
143Edward HARDWOOD of Rathmines, esq
145George HATCHELL of Ballinteer, esq
151William HAUGHTON of Moorfield, merchant
146Edward HAYES of Kingstown, hotel keeper, esq
150John HEWSON of Donnybrook, esq
147George HODGES of Rathmines, merchant
138William HODGES of Miltown,  
148Robert HODGEUS of Beaufort, esq
149William P HOEY of Sandymount, esq
144William HOPPER of Loughlinstown, esq
142Frederick HOWARD of Rathmines, esq
153Thomas HUGO of Percy place, esq
135John Elliott HYNDMAN of Roebuck, esq
154Charles JANUS of Leinster terace, esq
160Francis JOHNSON of Strand cottage, esq
161Thomas JOHNSON of Sidney parade, merchant
157George JONES of Monkstown, esq
155Humphery JONES of Coolock, esq
158John JONES of Kingston, esq
156Philip JONES of Whitechurch, merchant
159William JONES of Sandycove terace, esq
167Robert KELLY of Sidney avenue, esq
166James KENNY of Booterstown avenue, esq
164George KINAHAN of Roebuck, merchant
163George KIRK of Rochestown, esq
165Alex. KIRKPATRICK of Coolmine house, esq
162Thomas KIRWAN of Wall park, merchant
169David Charles LATOUCHE of Marley, esq
178Henry LAW of Raheny, esq
170Robert W LAW of Johnstown, magistrate
174Samuel LAW of Swan's nest, esq
176George LEAR of Upper Baggot street, esq
173Henry LEECHMAN of Bradford terace, esq
175Joseph LELAND of Upper Baggot street, esq
171John LENTAIGNE of Tallaght, magistrate
177George LINDSAY of Glasnavin, esq
168Henry LITTLEWOOD of Rathgar, merchant
172Thomas P LUSCOMBE of Killester, esq
189Berganny M'CULLAGH of Kingstown, esq
188John M'DONNELL of Saggard, paper maker
200Joseph M'DONNELL of Tallaght, paper merchant
201Michael M'DONNELL of Oldbawn, paper merchant
186Michael M'KENNA of Artane, esq
180Henry M'MANES of Mullinsgrove, esq
181Maxwell M'MASTER of Rathmines, esq
179John MADDEN of Inch-house, Balbriggan, esq
187John MADDEN of Donnybrook, esq
191Robert MAGEE of Stillorgan, esq
194Thomas MAGUIRE of Rathmines, merchant
182Richard MANDERS of Brackenstown, esq
204Thomas MASON of Trivoli, merchant
183William Peter MATHEWS of Whitehall, esq
199Charles MEARA of Kingstown, esq
192Graydon MEDLICOTT of Rumley avenue, esq
190Robert MEEKINS of Glasthule, esq
203John MILINER of Kilgobbin, esq
184Bryan MOLLY of Rochestown, esq
185Thomas MOONEY of Stillorgan, ironmonger
202Samuel MOORE of Miltown, merchant
196Patrick John MORAN of Rathfarnham, esq
198Samuel MORRISS of Crab lake, esq
195William MOYERS of Rathfarnham, builder
193Willian MULLINS of Cambridge terace, esq
197George MYLOR of Dundrum, esq
205Thomas Richard NEEDHAM of St Edmondsbury, merchant
206Arthur NEVILLE of Murhpystown, esq
210Arthur NEWCOMEN of Sutton, esq
209Thomas Arthur NEWCOMEN of Sutton, esq
211Benjamin W NICHOLSON of Rumley avenue, esq
212John NICHOLSON of Clonturk, esq
207Ninian NIVAN of Richmond hill, esq
208Michael NOTT of Haddington terace, merchant
218Mathew O'BRIEN of Upper Baggot street, merchant
220Valentine O'CONNOR of Newtown park, esq
216Michael O'DONNELL of Clareville, esq
213Richard O'GORMAN of Glasnevin, merchant
215Mathias O'KELLY of Rochestown, esq
214Thomas OLDHAM of Kingstown, druggist
217Darragh OSBORNE of Upper Baggot street, esq
219William L OTWAY of Upper Baggot street, esq
229John A PALMER of Kingstown, esq
227George PAPWORTH of Raheny, esq
221Alexander PARKER of Rathmines, merchant
225Frederick S PARKER of Killiney, esq
233William PARKER of Rathmines, esq
234Humphrey PEAR of Rathgar road, esq
235Charles PEPPER of Rathmines, esq
224Henry PERRY of Newtown park, merchant
223James PERRY of Newtown park, merchant
228Henry PHILIPS of Kilcarberry, esq
236Thomas PIDGEON of Richmond hill,  
226George PIM of Cabinteely, esq
230Thomas P POE of Mountain view, esq
222Mathew POLLOCK of Stillorgan, merchant
231Charles PRATT of Rochestown, esq
232Richard PURDY of Elmville, esq
237Edward QUILTIN of Rathgar, builder
238Thomas James QUILTON of Terenure, esq
246John RAFFERTY of Williamstown, esq
242William RATHBOURNE of Scribblestown, esq
247St George RATHBURNE of Raheny, esq
249Andrew READ of Weston park, esq
253Henry READ of Ranelagh, esq
248Patrick READ of Clonliffe, merchant
240Phineas RIALL of Old Connaught, esq
251William RING of Rathmines, esq
241George ROE of Donnybrook, esq
239James ROE of Sydney parade, esq
250Andrew ROGERS, jun of Haddington road, esq
245Charles ROPER of Coolock, esq
252Edmond RORKE of Tyrrelstown, esq
244John ROURKE of Finstown, esq
243Laurence ROURKE of Neilstown, esq
267Joseph SANDERSON of Rathmines, esq
256Thomas SAUNDERS of Rathmines, merchant
265Henry SCOVELL of Stillorgan, esq
278John SEMPLE of Donnybrook, esq
261Henry SHAW of Friarstown, esq
274Robert SHAW of Bushy Park, esq
255Sir Robert SHAW of Bushy Park, bart
257James SHERIDAN of Eden Vale, esq
266Thomas SHERLOCK of Roebuck, esq
270David H SHERRARD of Artnnane, esq
268John SIBTHORP of Gaarville terace, esq
269Charles SMYTH of Kingstown, merchant
275Marmaduke SMYTH of Jamestown, esq
258Richard SMYTH of Knockdrummond, esq
273Richard SPEAR of Rochestown, esq
262William T ST CLAIR of Williamstown, esq
276Robert STANLY of Mespil parade, esq
254Sir Richard STEELE of Hampstead, bart
259John Wm STUBBS of Rolestown, magistrate
271Robert STUBBS of Newbrook, merchant
277John STURGEON of Roundtown, merchant
264Cornelius SULLIVAN of Mount Merrion, esq
263John SWEETMAN of Silver Acre, brewer
272Patrick SWEETMAN of Stillorgan, brewer
260James SYMES of Hollybrook, esq
286John TAGGART of Monkstown, esq
283Joseph TALBOT of Merrion avenue, esq
282Despard TAYLOR of Mount Tallant, esq
292Robert THOMPSON of Greenmount, Dundrum, esq
288Thomas THOMPSON of Ballbrook, esq
280Leonard THORNHILL of Monkstown, esq
293Thomas TISDALL of Upper Baggot street, esq
279John TOMLISON of Westfield, merchant
285Charles TOOLE of Bray, esq
287John TOOLE of Bray, esq
290Henry L TOTTENHAM of Bloomwood, esq
284Nathaniel TRUMBALL of Beechwood, esq
281James TURBETT of Roebuck, esq
291Rickard TURNER of Pembroke-road, esq
289James TWIG of Purbeck-lodge, esq
294James John VERACHOYLE of Stillorgan, esq
295John E VERNON of Clontarf, esq
305Patrick WALDRON of Rathgar, esq
299Garrett WALL of Terenure, esq
319Horatio N WALLACE of Sandycove, esq
312James WALLER of Pembroke road, esq
311Gerard WALMSLEY of Castleknock, esq
301Michael WALSH of Newbawn, esq
316George WALTHEW of Cottage park, merchant
297Joseph WATKINS of Elm park, brewer
309Johua WATSON of Ballyroan, merchant
317James WEST of Seafort avenue, esq
320Richard WHELAN of Corkagh, esq
296William WHITAITT of Rock road, coachmaker
313George WHITAKER of Percy place, esq
315Charles WHITE of Coolock, merchant
321Thomas WHITE of Woodlands, esq
304William WHITE of Shrubs, esq
303John WHITECRAFT of Whitechurch, esq
302John WHITFORD of Rathgar, merchant
298Sir George WHITFORD of Dundrum, knt
300Thomas WILLIAMS of Susan ville, cloth manufacturer
310William WILLIAMS of Rathmines, esq
314John WILMOT of Rathmines, esq
308John WILSON of Kimmage road, merchant
307John WISDOM of Clon[l]iffe parade, magistrate
306William WORTHINGTON of Island Bridge, esq
322James WRIGHT of Butterfield, merchant
318Richard WRIGHT of Pembroke place, merchant


Total of 321 names
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