Limerick General Advertiser

14 March 1817

To the Free Citizens, Freeholders, and Inhabitants of the City and Liberties of Limerick.
  According to my promise of the 3d of Dec. you have herewith as correct a list of the Common Council of this City, as I could make out, as also the substance of their Oath; I know it would be a gratifiacation, to point your attention, to those particularly, who take on themselves to Rule and Govern you, but this is out of my power, as you all know, I never had, nor never will (but by force) recourse to the Council Books; were I to form an opinion as to the acting Board, it would fall on those who reside — of this you can satisfy yourselves; let me promise as it was no easy matter, to procure this list, if I have committed an error, I shall thank the generous hand that corrects me, as I would rather be detected in a thousand well intended mistakes, than any one of them should be found intentionally criminal.
    Believe me,
        Most Sincerely,
            John TUTHILL.
St Thomas's Island, March 14, 1817.
1  Francis SARGENT, James,1763
2  John PRENDERGAST, now Viscount Gort,1764
3  Rich. HATE (sic), now, Sir Rich. HARTE, Knt. Alderman and Charter Justice,1762
4  Joseph GABBETT, Limerick,1776
5  * George SMYTH, late Recorder, now of Great Britain,1776
6  John GABBETT, Limerick,1779
7  * Wm. FOSBERY, Tarbert, Co. Limerick,1782
8  * Wm. FURLONG, Attorney to the Corporation, City Dublin,1785
9  * Frederick LLOYD, of Great Britain,1786
10  * Arthur VINCENT, Summer Hill, Co Clare,1786
11  * Charles VERECKER, now Right Hon. Col.Chas. VERECKER, Loughcooter, Co Galway,1788
12  * Standish O'GRADY, now Mr. Chief Baron, O'GRADY, City Dublin1788
13  † James O'GRADY, Limerick1788
14  † George MAUNSELL, Limerick1788
15  †Henry D'ESTERRE, Recorder Clonmackin, County Clare,1790
16  * Thomas MORONY, Miltown, Co. Clare,1790
17  † Bryan M MAHON, Limerick,1791
18  * Jno. WESTROPP, Attyflin, Co Limerick1793
19  * George GOUGH, Ardsalla, County Tipperary, 1794
20  * William Causabon PURDON, Tinerana, County Clare,1794
21  * Hon. George MASSY, City Dublin,1794
22  * Thos. EDWARDS, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary,1794
23  † Philip RUSSELL, Limerick,1794
24  * Henry BROWN, Danesfort, co. Limerick,1794
25  * Joseph CRIPS, Miltown, co. Clare,1793
26  †Andrew WATSON, Limerick, now Alderman and Charter Justice WATSON,1797
27  † Ralph WESTROPP, Limerick,1800
28  † Henry COLLIS, Limerick,1801
29  † Joseph GABBETT, jun, Limerick,1801
30  * Thomas GRADY, Belmont, Co. Limerick,1801
31  * Faulkiner MINCHIN, City Dublin,1801
32  † Arthur BRERETON, Limerick,1802
33  † Thos. Francis WILKINSON, Limerick, now Alderman and Charter Justice WILKINSON,1802
34  † Edm. MORONY, Liberties of Limerick, now Aldm and Charter Justice MORONY,1802
35  * Abraham Colclough STRITCH, Enis Co. Clare1806
36  † Charles WARBURTON, Lord Bishop of Limerick1807
37  † Denis Fitzgerald MAHONY, Limerick,1807
38  * John PALLISSER, Derryluskin, County Tipperary1810
39  * L, Wray PALLISSER, do, do,1810
40  * George STAMMER, Carnelly, co. Clare1810
41  * Thos. LLOYD, Beechmount, co. Limerick,1810
42  * Richard PALLISSER, Bunratty, co. Clare,1810
43  * John LLOYD, son of Frederick, co. Clare, 
44  † Thomas ORMSBY, Limerick,1811
45  † Edward PARKER, Town Clerk, Limerick,1811
46  * John CRIPS, Fort Eliza, co Limerick, 
47  † Daniel GABBETT, Limerick. 
48  † John VERECKER, Limerick, now Chiek Magistrate, 
49  Mathew HEMMINGS, Barrack master, 
50  † Rev. Arthur ORMSBY, Limerick, 
51  † Wm. A, MARRETT, Limerick 
52  † Wm. M. JACKSON, Limerick, 
53  Mr Justice DAY, City Dublin. 

Nos.12, 53,Are Judges of the land
 3, 26, 33, 34,Are nearly Hereditary Aldermen and Charter Justices
 28, 32,Sheriffs for this and many preceeding years.
 3, 4, 6,Might get their Quietns.
 2, 36,Prohibited by 10, Henry VII. from sitting at Corporation Congregations, or Councils.
 49,Not Native.
 1, 16, 35,Were disenfranchised by the Common Council at Ennis, to enable 1 & 16 to give evidence on the part of the Corporation, and 35 to be a Juryman.

Substance of the oath of a common council man.
  That each shall well and truly serve the Citizens, and Minister equal Justice to the poor and rich — that he shall not utter or disclose any Council, or Secret thing or matter touching the Corporation (Mayors, Sheriffs, and Citizens) of the City, whereby any predjudice, Loss, hinderance or slander, shall or may arise, grow, or be to the said Corporation, and shall in all things belonging to said Corporation, faithfully, honestly and indifferently behave himself, for the most benefit, worship, and credit of the City, and Inhabitants thereof.

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