Freeman's Journal — 24 July 1841

Guide to the Irish Commoners

(Written expressly for the Freeman)

ACHESON ViscountArmagh county — A Moderate Reformer for the abolition of tithes. Gosford Castle, county Armagh; Reform Club, London.
ACTON ColonelWicklow co — Tory; brother-in-law of Mr WALKER the late Liberal member for Wicklow.
ALEXANDER NathanielAntrim county — Tory. Was first elected in May 1840; voted for Lord Stanley's bill.
ARCHBOLD Robert AKildare county — A Reformer; first electedin 1837. Davidstown, co Kildare; Reform Club, London.
ARCHDALL M EdwardFermanagh county — A Tory. Has sat for the county since 1834; his grandfather represented the county in the Irish parliament; Killick, Tyrone.
ARMSTRONG AndrewKing's County — A Reformer; first returned in 1840, upon the resifgnation of Mr N FITZSIMON; Gallen Priory; Reform Club, London.
BATESON Sir Robt, BtLondonderry county — Tory. Belvoir Park, county Down; Carlton Club, London.
BERESFORD CaptainAthlone — is son of Alderman John Claudius BERESFORD.
BELLEW R MontesquieLouth county — a Reformer, for the abolition of the tithes and shortening the duration of parliament. Sat for the county since 1832. Brother of Sir P BELLEW. reform Club, London.
BLAKE MarkMayo co — A Repealer, pledged to encourage native manufacture. first returned in 1840, upon the death of Sir W BRABAZON. Ballinasad, county Mayo.
BLAKE Martin JosephGalway — A Repealer. Sat since 1833, when he superseded Mr M'LAGHLAN on a petition. Brook Lodge, county Galway, and Reform Club, London.
BLAKE Sir ValentineGalway — A Repealer. Sat in the parliament of 1831. Menio Castle, Galway.
BROWNE Robt DillonMayo co — A Repealer, has sat for the county since 1836, on the elevation of the Right Hon D BROWNE to the peerage. Glencorrib, Mayo; Reform Club, London.
BROWNE Hon WilliamKerry co — a Ministerial; brother of Lord Kenmare. Woodlawn, Kilarney.
BODKIN John JamesGalway co — A Repealer, sat formerly for the town of Galway. Kilelooney, co Galway, Reform Club, London.
BROOKE, Sir A. B. BtFermanagh co — A Tory; first returned in 1840. Colebrook, county Fermanagh; Carlton Club, London.
BRIDGEMAN HewitEnnis — Brother-in-law of Sir M O'LOGHLEN; sat since 1837. Tiernee co Clare.
BREUN Henry ColonelCarlow county — has repeatedly sat for the county; his father made his fortune in the Commissariat during the American war; a Tory; supports Lord Stanley's bill. Oak Park, co Carlow.
BRYAN George, MajorKilkenny co — A Reformer; sat for the county since 1837 —gave £500 lately to the Protection Fund for the Carlow voters. Jenkinstown, county Kilkenny; Reform Club, London.
BUNBURY ThomasCarlow co — Tory.
BUTLER, Hon. PierceKilkenny co — A Repealer; brother of thr Earl of Kilkenny; sat for the county since 1832. Ballyconra, co Kilkenny; reform Club, London.
CALLAGHAN DanielCork co — A Repealer; a merchant in Cork. Lota, county Cork.
CAVE, Hon R. OtwayTipperary — A Reformer; for the application of all church revenues to national purposes; the family is OTWAY, and he annexed the name CAVE upon succeeding to the property of the CAVE family; is married to a daughter of Sir F BURDETT. Castle OTWAY, county Tipperary.
CAREW, Hon R. S.Waterford co — A Reformer; eldest son of Lord CAREW. Woodstown, county Wexford.
CAVENDISH Hon C CYoughal — A Reformer; is an Englishman; brother to Lord Burlington. Reform Club, London.
CASTLEREAGH ViscountDown county — A Tory; sat for the county since 1826; is eldest son of the Marquis of Londonderry; an absentee. 20, Chaple street, Grosvenor place, London.
CHAPMAN BenjaminWestmeath county — A Reformer. Kilina Castle, Westmeath; Reform Club, London.
CHRISTMAS WilliamWaterford city — a Tory; sat for the city in a former parliament.
CLEMENTS ViscountLeitrim county — A Reformer; first elected in 1838, upon the death of his brother; eldest son of the Earl of Leirtim. Rynne, county, Leitrim, and Grosvenor Square, London.
CLEMENTS H J Col.Cavan county — A Tory. Ashfield, county Cavan; Carlton Club, London.
CONOLLY Edward MDonegal county — A Tory; sat for the county since 1831; is Colonel of Militia; is eldest son of Sir Thomas PAKENHAM, but assumed the name CONOLLY on succeeding to the Castletown property. Castletown, Kildare. Carlton Club, London.
COLE, Hon. A HenryEnniskillen — An Orangeman; sat for the borough since 1828; is brother to the Earl of Enniskillen; a captain in the Fermanagh Militia. Carlton Club, London.
COOTE Sir Chas, BartQueen's co — A moderate Conservative; sat for the county since 1820; is premier baronet of Ireland. Ballyfin, Queen's County; Carlton Club, London.
CORRY, Rt Hn H T LTyrone co — A Tory; sat for the county since 1826; is son to the Earl of Belmore, and son-in-law to Lord Shaftesbury; an absentee. Carlton Club, London.
DAMER, Rt Hn G LDPortarlington — A Tory since 1833, is a lientenant-colonel in the army— fought at Waterloo; is brother-in-law to Lord Seymour, and brother to the Earl of Portarlington; assumed the name DAMER on succeeding to Lady Caroline DAMER's estates in Dorset; an absentee. Carlton Club, London.
DAWSON, Hon VessyLouth co — Reformer; brother to Lord Cremorne.
ESMONDE, Sir T, BtWexford — Reformer; elected on the retirement of Mr C A WALKER. Great Denmark-street, Dublin.
FERGUSON, Sr R A, BtCity of Derry — A Conservative Whig; sat since 1830. The Farm, county Derry.
FRENCH, FitzstephensRoscommon co — reformer; did not vote on O'CONNELL's motion for the repeal of the Union in 1834; sat for the county since 1832. Lough Erritt, co Roscommon; Brookes's Club, London.
GORE Hon. ColonelNew Ross — A Reformer; brother of Lord Arran; elected upon the retirement of Mr J. H. TALBOT. Reform Club, London.
GORE W. R. OrmsbySligo county — A Tory; elected on the retirement of Mr. E COOPER.
GRATTAN HenryMeath county — A Repealer; second son of the illustrious GRATTAN; sat for Dublin in 1826; for Meath since 1832; Moyrath co. Meath; Stephen's-green, Dublin; and Reform Club, London.
GROGAN EdwardDublin city — An Orangeman; pledged to the extirpation of the Catholic religion; Harcourt street, Dublin.
HAMILTON Lord ClaudeTyrone county — An Orangemen; brother to the Marquis of Abercorn; an absenter.
HAMILTON J. HansDublin county — a Tory; contested the county successfully in 1837.
HATTON VilliersWexford county — A Reformer; a captatin in the Royal Navy; elected on the retirement of Mr. John MAHER.
HAYES Sir E bart.Donegal county — a Tory; sat for the county since 1851, Drumboe Castle, county Donegal; Carlton Club, London.
Hilsborough EarlDown co — Eldest son of the Marquis Downshire; first elected in 1835 in room of his uncle Arthur HILL. Hillsborough Castle, Downshire.
HOWARD Sir R Bart.Wicklow co — An unintelligible; professed himself a Whig until 1838, when he was made a baronet; since which time he has been equally distrusted by both parties. Bushy Park, Wicklow; Atheneum, London.
JACKSON J DevonsherBandon — Tory; Second Sergeant-at-Lae; has sat for the borough since 1835; is pledged to vote against the grant to the National Education Board, and against the grant to Maynooth College; Leeson Street, Dublin; Carlton Club, London.
JOHNSTON JBelfast — Tory; elected on the supression of Mr. DUNBAR, the former colleague of Mr. E TENNENT. Belfast.
JOHNES TheobaldLondonderry co — Tory; is a captain in the navy; sat since 1830. Baragh, county Derry; Carlton Club, London.
IRVING JohnAntrim co — a London slave-owning merchant; sat for Antrim since 1837. Carlton Club, London.
KERR DavidDownpatrick — A Tory; is married to the sister of the Marquis of Londonderry. Charles-st, Berkley-square, London.
KIRK PeterCarrickfergus — A Tory; son of Sir P KIRK. Thornfield, Carrickfergus.
LAYARD Captain E. B.Carlow — A Reformer. An Englishman.
LEFROY Right Hon. TUniversity — Tory; has sat for the university since 1830; is pledged to oppose the grant to the National Education Board. Leeson-street, Dublin; Carlton Club, London.
LITTON EdwardColeraine — A Tory; a Queen's Counsel; went into parliament merely for the purpose "of putting down Mr. O'CONNELL," which he still expects to accomplish; pledged against the grant to the National Board.
MARTIN Thomas BGalway — A Reformer; sat for the county since 1832; son to the celebrated Colonel MARTIN, commonly known as "Humanity Dick." Ballinahinch Castle, co Galway.
MAHER ValentineTipperary county — A Reformer; elected upon the abandonment of the country by Mr. SHEIL.
MEYNELL HenryLisburn — a Tory; an Englishman; sat for thr borough since 1826; is a captain in the navy. Hoar Cross, Staffordshire.
MACNAMARA Wm. N.Clare co — a Rep[ealer; sat for the county since 1830. Doolan Castle, county Clare; Jun, United Services Club, London.
MURPHY F. S.Cork city — A Whig; is nephew to the Catholic Bishop of Cork; has declared himself since his election an "expectant of justice from England."
NEWRY LordNewry — Tory
NORREYS Sir C. D. O J.Mallow — A Reformer; the family name is JEPHSON, but he took the name NORREYS in 1838. Sat since 1826; he successfully petitioned against Mr. DAUNT, a Repealer, in 1832. Mallow Castle, co Cork; Union Club, London.
Northland ViscountDungannon — has been a Tory ever since the Whigs made his father a British Peer. Northland House, Tyrone; Carlton Club, London.
O'BRIEN CorneliusClare co. — A repealer; is a solicitor; entered the house as and anti-repealer, but saw reason to alter his mind. Birchfield, co Clare; Reform Club, London.
O'CONNELL DanielHow can we re-print the columns of the Freeman's Journal for the last 25 years? Has been returned in the present parliament for both Cork and Meath.
O'CONNELL JohnKilkenny — A Repealer; sat for Athlone, and previously for Youghal; is third son of Daniel O'CONNELL.
O'CONNELL Morgan JKerry co., Repealer; is son of John O'CONNELL of Grens, and nephew to Daniel O'CONNELL. Grens, co. Kerry; Reform Club, London.
O'CONNELL MauriceTralee, Repealer; sat for the county Clare in the parliament of 1831and for this borough since 1832; eldest son of Daniel O'CONNELL. Darrynane Abbey, Cahireiveen; Reform Club, London.
The O'CONOR DonRoscommon co., a Repealer; the head of the O'CONOR family, and lineal descendant of the last monarch of Ireland, Roderick O'CONNOR. Cloonalis, Roscommon; Reform Club, London.
O'BRIEN William SLimerick co, a Reformer, for the total extinction of tithes, and vote by ballot; second son of the late Sir Edward O'BRIEN. Cahirmoyle, county Limerick.
O'BRIEN JohnLimerick, a Radical reformer, and all but a Repealer; is a private gentleman, resident in Cahirnelly, in teh county of Clare, but his family have been long connected with the mercantile interests of this city; Mr O'BRIEN is nephew of the late member, William ROCHE, and brother-in-law to Mr F S MURPHY, M P for Cork.
O'FERRALL, Richard MKildare co., Reformer; one of the original members of the Catholic Association; is Secretary to the Admiralty; sat for the county since 1830. Balyna House, county Kildare; Reform Club, London.
PERCEVAL AlexanderSligo co. — An Orangeman, and Grand Treasurer of the Orange Society. Sat for the county since 1831; is Liet-Col. of Sligo Militia, and Treasurer of the Board of Ordnance under Sir Robert PEEL in 1835. Temple-house, co Sligo; Carlton Club, London.
PIGOTT David RichardClonmel — A Reformer; is Attorney-General for Ireland, and son of Dr. PIGOTT, of Kilworth, co. Cork.
POWELL CalebLimerick co. — A Radical Reformer; is a private gentleman of the county and a bareister, but he has not pursued the profession.
POWER JamesWexford co. — A Repealer; son to Mr. John POWER, the eminent distiller in Dublin, who is a D. L. for the city; sat for the county since 1837. Edermine-house, Waterford; Reform Club, London.
RAWDON John DArmagh — A Whig; first returned in 1840; is Lieut-Col. in the Guards. and step-father to Lord Cremorne and the member for Louth, having married the Dowager Lady Cremorn. Great Stanhope street, Mayfair.
READE MauriceWaterford — A Conservative
REDDINGTON Thos. NDundalk — A Radical Reformer; for the total abolition of tithes and the large extension of the franchise; is nephew to Lord Ffrench. Kilcorban, county Galway; Reform Club, London.
ROCHE Edmund BCork co — A Repealer; son of E ROCHE, Esq, of Trabolgan, and a connexion of the celebrated Edmund BURKE. Trabolgan, co Cork.
ROCHE David, Bart.Limerick — Is a Repealer, and has sat for this city since 1831. He is a large landed property proprietor, in the counties of Limerick, Clare and Kerry, and extensively engaged in the milling trade. His grand uncle, Alderman P. ROCHE, was head of the corporation of this city about 1750. Carass House, Croom, and the Reform Club, London.
SHAW, Right Hon. FDublin University — Son to Sir R SHAW, a banker, who sat for Dublin for 22 years; sat for Dublin in 1830 and 31, and for University since 1832; was made privi councelllor in Ireland by Sir R PEEL in 1843, and Recorder of this city by the old corporation, which body accuses him of betraying its interests. Kimmage house, Dublin; Carlton Club, London.
SHEIL Rt. Hon. R. L.Dungarvan — A Repealer; was one of the principal members of the Catholic Association, and of considerable eminence at the bar; is an Irish Q.C.; took the name of LALOR on his marriage with Mrs. POWER, mother of the ex-M.P. for Waterford, who was heiress of the late John LALOR, of Cranagh, in the county of Tipperary; formerly represented Melbourne Port, in England, and subsequently Louth and Tipperary; is Judge Advocate General. Long Orchard, Templemore; Reform Club, London.
SHIRLEY Evelyn PhilipMonaghan co. — A Tory, and represents his father's acres in this county.
SOMERVILLE Sir W.M. Bt.Drogheda — a Thorough Reformer; Married to the sister of the Marquis of Conyngham, and has sat for Drogheda since 1837. Somerville House, Ashbourne; Brookes's Club; London
SOMERS John PatrickSligo — A Repealer; has sat since 1837.
STEWART Wm. VilliersWaterford co. — Reformer; sat since 1835. Dromana, county Waterford; Reform Club, London.
STOCK Joseph LLDCashel — A Reformer; Judge of the Court of Admiralty; first returned in 1838. Temple street, Dublin
TAYLOR ..Dublin co. &151; Tory; pledged to support Lord Stanley's bill.
TENENT J EmersonBelfast — Tory; is son to W. EMERSON, of Belfast, merchant; but assumed the name TENENT, and his present political principles, after his father-in-law's the death in 1832; succeeded on a petition in 1837. Is author of "Letters from the Ęgean" and a work "On Belgium," inscribed to Lord Stanly, advocating the "muzling" of political discussion in Ireland. Carlton Club, London.
TUITE Hugh MorganWestmeath co. — a Reformer; first elected in 1826.
VESEY Honourable TQueen's co. — Tory
VERNER WilliamArmagh co. — An Orangeman, Deputy Grand Master of the Orange Society; is celebrated for giving the party toast, "The Battle of the Diamond," at a dinner during Lord Musgrave's administration, for which he was dismissed from the commission of the peace by Lord Plunckett. Churchhill, county Armagh; Carlton Club, London.
WATSON William HKinsale — A Whig. An English barrister
WEST John BeattyDublin — A Tory; contested the city in 1832, '35, and '37; is a Queen's Counsel. Son-in-law to Judge BARRON — thoroughly approves of the principles of his colleague, Mr. GROGAN. Stephen's-green.
WESTENRA Hon. J. W.King's co — A Reformer; third son of Lord Rossmore; sat since 1837; is a Lieut-Col. in the Line and Captain in the Scotch Fusilier Guards. Sharavogue Castle, King's county; reform Club, London.
WESTENRA Hon. H. R.Monaghan co.; — eldest son of Lord Rossmore; sat for the county since 1818, except 1830 to 1837; wrote a defence of the 40s. freeholders; is son-in-law to the Duke of Hamilton. Rossmore Park, Monaghan; Reform Club, London.
WHITE HenryLongford co., a Repealer; Colonel in the Longford Militia, brother to the member for Leitrim. Seamount, county Dublin.
WHITE LukeLongford co., a Reformer; Lord Lieutenant of the county. Rathclive, county Longford.
WHITE SamuelLeitrim co, a Reformer; sat for the county since 1824, where he succeeded who represented the county for some years.
[These three members are sons to the celebrated Luke WHITE, the bookseller, who realized from a very small capital the most independent fortune ever made by trade in Ireland.]
YOUNG JohnCavan co., a Tory; is an East India proprietor; first elected in 1831. Ballinborough Castle, Cavan


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