Limerick General Advertiser

28 December 1819

Murder & Reward,
Eight Hundred Pounds.

Whereas the late Rev. John MULQUINNY, P. P. of Ballinvana, in the county of Limerick, was murdered on the night of Monday, the 8th November, inst. near Kilbreedy, in said Parish, by a party consisting of five or six men armed, one of whom fired a shot at the said Rv. J. MULQUINNY, of which he shortly expired.
  Now, to bring the perpetrators of such a crine so outrageous and unprecedented in our County, to condign punishment, as well as publicly to express our horror at the same, we whose names are hereunto subscribed, do offer the several Sums respectively annexed, to any person who, within Twelve Calendar Months, will apprehend and lodge in any of His Majesty's Gaols in this Kingdom, the villains who committed the said murder, so that they may be prosecuted to conviction; or a Reward of Fifty Pounds for such Private Information as may lead to their apprehension and conviction.  We do further offer a reward of Twenty Guineas to any of the perpetrators of the said murder, except the villain who actually fired the shot, for turning approver, and every exertion shall be made to obtain for him his Majesty's pardon.              Nov. 16.
Eyre EVANS, Esq. Ash-Hill,22150
James ELLARD, Esq. Fairy-field,1176
W. T. MONSELL, Esq. Tervoe,1176
Mr. M. WALSH, Martinstown,5139
Mr. Wm. GUBBINS, Ballinacurra,5139
Robert WELDON, Esq. Riversfield,300
James BENNETT, Esq. Coroner,259
Samuel ADAMS, Esq.256
Charles BENNETT, Esq. Coroner,256
Chidley COOTE, Esq. Mt. Coote,1176
Rev Andrew RYAN, V. G. Bruff,1000
Mr. W. SARGENT, Kilfinane,256
Mr. John O'DONNELL, Kilbrady,5139
Rev . Mr. MURNANE, P. P. Kilmallock,5139
Rev. James MOORE, Glanroe,5139
Rev. J. M'CARTHY, P. P. Elfin (recte Effin),5139
Mr. John SANDERS, Kilmallock,256
Rev. J. O'HERLEHY, R. C. C. Kilfinane,256
Rev. D,. BULKLEY, do. Bruff,256
Rev. J. MADIGAN, do. Ballinvana,256
Mr. Michael LANDERS, Ardpatrick,1176
Mr. Patrick CAHILL, Fantstown,256
Mr. John BLACKBURN,5139
Mr. M'HALPIN, Ballinvana,256
Mr. Thomas GRADY, Martinstown,256
Mr. Henry GRADY, Ballinvana,256
Mr. J CLEARY, Gibbienstown,383
Mr. John O'DONNELL, sen. Clareen,129
Mr. Thomas HALPIN, Ballinvana,129
Mr. Thomas HENESSY, Kilfinane,114
Mr. John CURTIN, Ballybeg,256
Mr. Edward MAUME, Kilfinane,256
Mr. Richard READY, Kilfinane,129
Mr. Michael SHEEDY, Gibbinstown,129
Mr. James MOLONY, Kilfinane,129
Mr. Thomas O'DONNELL, Ballinamana,100
Mr. John CLANCHY, Clareen,129
Mr. M. CLANCHY, Ballinvrena,129
Mr. John CLANCHY, Bulgiden,129
Mr. Cornelius CLANCHY, Clareen,129
Mr. John RIORDAN, Glanroe,129
Mr. Wm. EGAN, Fermoy,256
Mr. Patrick WATERS, Fermoy,256
James GODSELL, Esq. Sunville,256
Mr. Patrick RYAN, Bulgedin,256
Mr. David RYAN, ditto,256
Mr. Denis CARROLL, Kilfinane,256
Mr. Henry DULMAGE, ditto,129
Mr. Gerard FITZ-GERALD, ditto,129
Mr. Simon RIORDAN, Bottomstown,383
Mr. James KEYS, Mitchelstowndown,383
Mr. James RIORDAN, Bottomstown,383
Mr. Wm. CLEARY, Ballycullane,383
Mr. Patrick M'NAMARA, Knockany,383
Terence O'DONNELL, esq. Kilbreedy,5139
Roger ADAMS, sen. Esq.256
Roger ADAMS, jun. Esq.256
John CUSSINS, Clk. Kilflyn,383
James ELLARD, Clk. Kilfinane,256
Edward BENNETT, Esq.256
Mr. John WALLIS, Bosnetstown,129
Benjamin HUGHES, Esq.256
George W. BENNETT, Esq256
Richard OLIVER GASCOIGN, Esq.22150
Charles D. OLIVER, Esq.5139
Mr. Jer. MURPHY, Kilfinan,129
Mr. Patrick M'CARTHY, Kilfinan,256
Hugh TOUCHSTONE, esq.256
Mr. M. HAYS, Bosnetstown,129
Thomas SHORE, Esq. M.D. Kilfinane,256
Mr. James KEANE, Earlsfort,256
Mr. Thomas KEANE, ditto,256
Mr. James KEANE, jun.256
Andrew M'CULLOUGH, Clk.256
Mr. Michael CARROLL, Ballinahinch,129
Mr. Wm. MONEY, Elton,129
Rev. John SHEEDY, P. P. Kilfinan,256
Mr. Patrick QUINN, Charleville,256
Rev. Mort. COLLINS,5139
Mr. Patrick HUSSY,259
Mr. Cornelius CLEARY,5139
Rev. Patrick M'NAMARA,5139
Rev. P. H. SHEEHAN,5139
Mr. Mat. MALONY, Bruff,129
Mr. James CLEARY,5139
Rev. David O'BRIEN,5139
Rev. Charles M'CARTHY,256
Rev. Michael CULLANE,256
Mr. John BARRY,256
Mr. Timothy RYAN256
Mr. John MADDEN,256
Rev. James O'REGAN383
Mr. Cornelius FITZGIBBON,383
Wm. Samuel BENNETT, esq.4110
Mr. Thomas FITZGERALD,129
Mr. Peter MEADE,129
Mr. Thomas MEADE,129
Mr. Patrick CLEARY,256
Mr. Robert CONNELL,129
Mr. Patrick QUINN,256
Mr. John CLEARY,129
Mr. Samuel LYNCH,129
Mr. Patrick QUINLAN,129
Mr. Henry BLAKE,383
Mr. Brian O'DONNELL,383
Mr. Thomas RIGGS,129
Mr. David HEELAN,100
Mr. John CALLAGHAN,129
Mr. John MADDEN,5139
Mr. Pat. MADDEN,383
James GUBBINS, Esq. Knocklong,5139
Joseph GUBBINS, Esq. do.383
Mr. James M'CARTHY,129
Mr. Denis M'ENIRY383
John P. BENNETT, Limerick,256
Mr. John COLLINS, Bruff,129
Mr. J. M'GRATH, do,129
Mr. James MOLONY, 256
Mr. James MOLONY, jun.256
Mich. SLATTERY, Revenue officer, Limerick129
John BOUCHIER, Baggotstown,22150
James John MULQUINY, Newtown,1000
Rev. David FITZGERALD, Abbyfeale,256
Cousellor LEFROY,2000
Mr. Bryan O'DONNELL, Milmount,5139
Edward CROKER,1176
Michael Lloyd APJOHN, High Sheriff,2500
George TUTHILL, Faha,22150
Richard BURKE,539
Rev. Thomas GRADY1000
John CUTHBERT,1000
John GREEN, 500
James T. MULQUEEN,383
Michael T. MULQUEEN,383
William DAVIS,383
Earl Talbot, Lord Liet. Of Ireland,10000
John BOUCHIER, Baggotstown, [repeat?]22150
D. Courcy O'GRADY, Esq.1176
Thads R. RYAN, esq.256
Mr. D. CUDMORE,256
Parker BENNETT, Esq.256
Mr. M. O'DONNELL, Laurence Town,256
Mr. M. O'DONNELL, Mill Mount,256
Mr. John MADDEN, Garryspillane,383
John CRIPS, jun. Esq.129
Mr. John RYAN,129
Mr. —— RYAN,129
Mr. Jeremiah SHINE, Ballymacreece, 129
Thos. BENNETT, Esq.129
Jos. GABBETT, Esq. Mount Minnett,256
Mr. J CLEARY, Knocklong,256
Edw. BENNETT, jun. Esq.256
Rev. J. ELLARD, Glebe, Kilfinane,256
Richard WHITE, Esq.256
Samuel HUNT, Esq.129
Dan. HUNT, Esq. Kilfinane,129
B. MARA, Esq.129
Wm. GLEESON, esq.129
Mr. Patrick MOLONY,256
Daniel HARNETT, Esq.129
Mr. Pat. SHEERAN, jun.383
Mr. Laurence CUSSEN, 256
Mr. John BAILY,256
Mr. J. MADDEN, Glenbrohane,129
Benjamin FRIEND, esq.5139
Mr. Pat. SHERIN, jun.256
Jos. GUBBINS, Esq.5139
Thos. D. GRADY, Esq.256
Mr. Patrick CULL,129
Mr. Matthew MADDEN,129
Mr. Edmond SINAN,129
Mr. W. GRADY, Elton,129
Mr. John GRADY,129
Mr. Edm. WOODS, 129
Rev. W. KEANE,129
Mr. John BARRY,200
Mr. Mich. LYNCH,200
Rev. P. O'NEIL, Knockany,129
Mr. Tho. O'DONNELL, Lourence Town,5139
Mr. Mich. SHINE,129
Mr. James SHINE,129
Mr. John WALLIS, jun.129
Mr. J. COLLINS, 129
Pat. RUSSELL, Esq. Mount Russell,1176
Rob. MAXWELL, Esq. Charleville,1176
Rev. B. GIBBINS, Charleville,1176
Dan. CLANCY, Esq. do.3139
Mr. Kennedy RYAN, do.5139
Mr. M'GRATH, do.256
Laurence MARA,129
Mr. E. WALLIS, jun. Glanroe,129
Rev. Bryan O'DONNELL, Clareen,5139
Mr. Owen MOLONY, Fantstown,383
Mr. John MOLONY, do.383
Mr. Thos. LYNCH, do.129
Mr. John LYNCH, do.129
R RYAN, Ballinvreena,129
Michael RYAN, do.129
Mr. J. DWANE, Coolfree,129
Mr. E. BERMINGHAM, do.129
Mr. T. WELDON, Raheen,129
Mr. D. DWANE, Coolfree,129
Mr. John HAYES, Ballinvreena,129
Mr. Nicholas CONDON, do.129
Mr. J. WALSH, Cork, Butter buyer,256
Mr. David CARVER, Thomas-Town,129
Mr. Myles RYAN, Newtown Ellard,383
Mr. Denis RYAN, do.383
Mr. John RYAN, do.383
Mr. Pat. RYAN, do.383
Mr. John COOMEY,129
Mich. Burke WHITE, Esq. Ballinvirrick,5139
Rev. John PRESTON, Galbally,383
  In Furtherence of the above reward and from a conviction of the loyalty, homourm and correct conduct, manifested by Mr. MULQUEEN, during his life, Mr. EVANS has offered the following pecuniary considerstions:—
To the conviction of the five ruffians who murdered this unfortunate gentleman3000
For the Prosecution of each to conviction1000
For such intelligence as will enable Mr. EVANS to prosecute any one of the party to conviction1000
Ash-Hill, Nov. 9, 1819.

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