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This is the genealogy home page of Nick Reddan FIGRS1, FFHACT2

This home page gives a summary of my genealogical interests.

Although I always had some interest in my family and where they came from, I started seriously researching family history in 1988. One of the families I have researched the most is the CROKER family of Ireland. The CROKERs are an Anglo-Irish family who migrated from Devon in around 1600 and settled initially in the Cork Waterford border area. This research exposed me to the Regisrty of Deeds which I have come to appreciate as a great source for family historians and have initiated a project to make these records more accessible.

Although my paternal line is Irish from County Clare I also have ancestors from England and Scotland. My birthbrief on this site documents where my ancestors came from.

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One of the major areas of my reaseach is the CROKER family of Ireland. I have records relating to them from the late 16th century until 1900.

1 Fellow of the Irish Genealogical Research Society (IGRS web site)

2 Fellow of Family History ACT (FHACT web site)