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Mortality in Dublin week ending 21 May 1725Curious
Same day (Thursday last), Dillon Pollard HAMPSON Esq was married to Miss NAPPER, sister to James Lenox NAPPER Esq a young lady of great merit, beauty and £10,000 Fortune: The bells of Christ Church rang almost two days successively, in honour of the nuptuals; and the ringers were generously rewardedCurious
Pue'sO17351223NPSNickMOOREThomas ChidlyMr
Monday the 15th instant, being Mr Thomas Chidly MOORE's (son to Col Guy MOORE Deceas'd) birth day, was cellebrated in a very magnificient manner in Clomell.
The day was ushered in with ringing of the bell's, the Mayor Burgesses and Commons of that corporation met at a Tavern at noon, where an elegant entertainment was perpared for them, several other Gentlemen attended and Thomas MOORE, Esq; this young gentlemen's Uncle, Represented Him; the King and Royal Family, with several other loyal toasts were drank; and the friends to the family of Abby were in a particular manner remembered, at night were bonefires and ringing of bells, the Tholsel, and several other houses were illuminated: The Society of the Woolen Manufacturere (whose Col. this youth is) was entertained splendedly at another tavern. About 7 o'clock, 200 of the Society walked in Order 4 in a rank, a set of Musick Playing before them to their May-pole, whereon they erected a ney Flag, the same day second Mourning for Col. Guy MOORE, here they were joined by the Corporation, to drink the King and their young Col's health, with prosperity to the woolen manufacture. The populace regaled with 4 hogsheads of good beer to drink his majesty's health, All was performed with the utmost peace and good fellowship.
I wish all my subscribers health, wealth, a merry Christmas, a prosperous New Year, and many of them: And do earnestly request all those who are in arrears for this paper, to order the same to be forthwith paid to their humble servant, Richard PUECurious
We hear ... From Bandon in the co of Cork that a vessell from Virginia, bound for Glassgow, was lately put ashore near Crookhaven, but had received no damage, till the country people came down and plundered herCurious
On Thursday night died in the said (Four Courts) Marshalsea after a confinment of ten years, Mr George MARTIN, formerly an eminent merchant and banker in GallwayCurious
 Advertisements of a moderate length are inserted in this Paper at two shillings for the first time, and six-pence for every other time they are continued, so that Gentlemen who live in the country, and are pleased to advertise in this paper, are requested to give orders along with them how often they shall be continued.
 'Tis hoped that my good Customers will not take amiss that their advertisements were not inserted now nor formerly, as there was so much news and the Lords Protest; but they shall be continued as Oportunity offers, there being a whole large sheet furnished for that purpose
This day an Inn-Keeper is to be hanged at Belfast on his own sign post, for harbouring robbers, and receiving goods knowing them to be stolenCurious
Dublin July 24 ... Last Friday, Mr Edward SEWELL, was degraded from being a clergyman of the Church of England for marrying two Quakers without a licence. It is hoped, that will be an example.Curious
On Saturday last search was made for gun-powder in the house of the widow GUERY whose husband was a French hugonett and sold gun-powder and shott in a little shop in Christ-Church-Yard; but the widow being a papist and consequently disqualified for that trade, between 20 and 30 pounds of gun-powder was seiz'd and brought to his majesty's stores as the law directs.Curious
On Sunday last one SEWELL, a degraded clergyman, was committed to Newgate, for marrying the son of an eminent citizen to a servant maid, who is a Roman CatholicCurious
Yesterday Mr Edward SHEWELL, a degraded clergyman, was try'd and found guilty, for clandestinely marrying a young gentleman of this city. He received sentance to be executed on Saturday sen'nightCurious
Mr SHEWELL, a degraded clergyman was arraigned for feloniously and clandestantly marrying a gentleman's son of this city, and is to be try'd next MondayCurious
We hear that Mr SHEWELL the degraded clergyman, who obtained a repreive to Saturday next, has now got a grant for transportationCurious
Mr SHEWEL the clergyman, hath obtained a repreive to the 29th inst, on which day he will be executedCurious
On Saturday last, Mr SHEWELL, a degraded clergyman was executed at Stephens Green for a clandestine marriage. He was carried to the place of execution in a coach and behaved in a decent manner, becoming a person in his unhappy circumstancesCurious
Last week died at his seat in the county Mayo, Capt William BRABAZON in the eighty eighth year of his age, he was the last surviving Nominee in the Act of SettlementCurious
This week a girl who was a drummer, for a considerable time, in the Hon Col BLIGH's regiment of Foot on duty here, was discharged, a handsome collection was made for her by the officersCurious
Same day (thursday last) died in the Four Courts Marshalsea, Anthony COGHLAN Esq, and we here a great number of the unfortunate persons now confined there are ill of a malignant feverCurious
Yesterday morning a woodcock was shot in St Worboroughs church yard, in this cityCurious
We hear from Belfast, that on Friday night last one Olive PALMER, a young lady who lived in the neighbourhood, went off clandestinely from her father's house, with one HOLMES in order to be married in that town, which was accordingly done next morning, then the bride dropt down dead to the inexpressible grief of her husband. 'Tis said she went from her father's house without her stockings, and complained on the road of the being very cold, but absolutely refused to hold or take any refreshment tell she was married. She made several attempts before to go off with the said HOLMES, but was found out and prevented b her parents, tho we hear he was in no respect her inferiorCurious
We hear Peter LOBOISSIERE, Almack maker is ordered into custody of the usher of the Black Rod for printing in his Almanack the list of the peers of this kingdom without permissionCurious
Saturday last died at his lodgings in Golden Lane, Theophilus JONES Esq knight for the shire of the co Leitrim: this gentleman was the oldest member in the house of commons; being in every parliament since the revolutionCurious
Last week one Mary FIELDING was brought up to the court of King's Bench, to be try'd as a vagabond, being presented by the grand jury, but she traversed the indictment, and pleading in her own behalf, that she had served 27 years as a dragoon, and was at the battle of Preston, and afterwards made Quartermaster of Dragoons, but she was discovered by her comrade. She was discharged at Mulligar, we hear the courts dismissed her and that she will be provided for in the hospitalCurious
Pue'sO17461004NPSNickBOURKETheobaldSir, Viscount Mayo
A curious fine monument is finished by Mr CHEERE in London, and sent to Ireland to be erected in the memory of the Rt Hon Theobald Lord Viscount Mayo, on which is the following inscription

A faithful friend, a dutiful son,
An affectionate Brother,
And a tender Husband;
He passed through Life
With unblemished Honour, beloved and esteemed
By all that knew him
His manners were easy,
His Temper gentle and humane;
The knowledge of his high birth
Had no other Effect upon him,
Than to make it his Study, in all the Offices of Life
To live up to the Character, to which he was born,
Being sensible that truest Nobility
Is that of the Mind;
And to possess it in the highest degree,
Is to walk in the paths of Virtue;
Which he did to the day of his death.
He died at London the 7th day of January 1741,
In the 36th year of his Age,
Much lamented, but by none more sincerely
Than by his much beloved consort,
Alice, Lady Viscountess Mayo,
The eldest Daughter of James AGAR
Of Gowran in the county of Kilkenny, Esq;
And of his wife, Daughter of Sir Henry WEMYS,
By whom he had two sons, Theobald and Agar,
Who both died young.
In Testimony of the affectionate Respect,
Which his Lady
Most deservedly retains for his Memory,
This Monument was by her erected.
[Lodge: married March 1726, Member of Parliament for St Cannice, interred at Ballintober; succeeded by his brother John]
BNL1749206NPSNickBOYLE :Lord Boyle
We hear from Charleville in the co of Corke, the the gentlemen of that Corporation, its Liberties, and Neighbourhood, met there last Saturday, the 27th of January, to celebrate the annerversary of the birth day of the Right Hon the Lord Boyle, (eldest son of the Right Hon the Earl of Orrery) who then completed the twenty first year of his ageCurious
BNL1749323NPDNickMC A FEECatherine
Brogue makers burial [see Isabelle LAUGHLIN 1752]Curious
MJ1749710NPNNickMASSEYCharlesDean of` Limerick
Dean of Limerick apologiesCurious
We hear from London, that on Friday the 7th this instant July, died very rich, at his house in Sackville Street, Picadilly, John CAMPBELL HAMILTON, Esq; aged 80. He changed his Name some years ago, from CAMPBELL to HAMILTON, in order to possess a large estate in this Kingdom.Curious
On Monday last week died at his house in Fleet Street, William HAWKINS Esq Ulster King of Arms, a gentleman unreservedly beloved and lamentedCurious
Extract of a letter from Kilkenny dated August 8, This day BOULGER, and one HACKETT who was called by a nickname Bristeen two proclaimed Tories were try'd and executed this evening. Bristeen was quartered and his head cut off, and BOULGER is to be hung in chains. We had the grandest Assizes ever known here, no less than five Lords on the bench every day besids the JudgesCurious
Sunday last died in Phrapper Lane, Mrs Letitia PILKINGTON, the author of two Volumes of Memoirs, which contain the most false and scandelous Reflections on several Persons in England and Ireland, whose Worth and Vitrue are too well known to the World to receive any injury from such Slanders.Curious
Kinsale Oct 23, One Jane SMYTH a fisherman's wife of this town was last night brought to bed of four boys, all well and likely to live: She was so overjoyed at her safe delivery, and easy labour, that she invited her heighbours to take share of a barrell of ale, which was placed at the bed's foot, for that purpose. The children are to be baptized to morrow, by the names of George, Fredrick, William and EdwardCurious
To be sold by auction, by William DELAMAIN Esq; Marshal of the City of Dublin, on Monday the 21st day of this instant October, fifty-eight Hogsheads of choice Claret, the growths of 1749 and 1749 being now in prime order for bottling. These Wines being under execution will be positively sold the above day at the great vaults in Stable Lane leading from Mary's lane to Little Britain street — NB Due attendance will be given three days before said Mon by the wine cooper for gentlemen to taste sd wineCurious
DWJ1752307NPDNickMCCARTYDaniel BueeEsq
There died lately in the Barony of Iverragh and co of Kerry Daniel Buee MCCARTY Esq of a very ancient family, in the 112 year of his age. He buried four wives, his fifth wife, now a widow, he married when he was 84 and she but 14, by whom he had about 20 children, she bearing a child every year, he was always a very healthy man, no cold ever affecting him, he could not bear the warmth of a shirt at night, but put it under his pillow; for these 70 years past, when in company he drank plentifully of rum and brandy, which he called the naked truth; and if in company with other gentlemen he drank claret of punch, he always drank an equal glass of rum or brandy, qualofy those liqors, this he called a wedge. No man remembers to have seen him spit, his custom was to walk eight of ten miles in a winter's morning over mountains, with greyhounds and finders, and seldom failed to bring home a brace of hares. He was an honest gentleman and inherited the social virtues from ancient musiciansCurious
Monday last died near, Rathfryland in the co Downe, Isabella LAUGHLIN, aged 118 years. Her grand father and father were Brogue Makers, she was married to a Brogue maker, by whom she had sons, daughters, grand children and great grand children, 110. The daughters were married to Broge makers, and the sons tp Brogue makers daighters. She was buried in a Ben Leather coffin, which was given by Mr John MERCER, tanner of Newry, on account of the great benefit he received from the family. She bequeathed several legacies to her several children, and left he eldest son Shane Ouge LAUGHLIN 50L per annumCurious
Tuesday last, Moses PIM Esq of Lackah in the Queen's co, was married to Miss Experience STRETTELL of Fleet street, a beautiful young lady with fine accomplisments and every qualification to render the marriage state happy, with 2000L fortuneCurious
Pue'sO1752620NPSNickO'HARAHenry jun
Wednesday last Henry O'HARA a minor only son and heir of Henry O'HARA late of Crebilly, in the co Antrim, Esq deceased, together with Dr Andrew MCALLESTER his tutor embarked for England in order to proceed to Naples, where they intend to continue during the the said O'HARA's minorityCurious

Bangher Fair

Will begin on the 15th of September next according to the New Style which day, but for the change of style would have been the 4th of said month.
We hear from Onionstown, in the co Meath, that one Denis M'GOWRAN of that town was barbarously murdered by one of the same name and same town who afterwards robbed the house, and then went off with the deceased's wife, first stripping and leaving destitute the children. It is thought they are gone to the North where it is thought they will soon be apprehended and brought to condign punishment for so extraordinary a creultyCurious
One Night last week the following off affair happened between a man and his wife who live in Bolton-street, viz, he being subject to Quarrel when in liquor, had often told her he would put her in Bedlam to prevent speaking to for being drunk; and accordingly on said night, assisted by some fellows, forced her into a coach, and actually lodged her there; but the next morning the Surgeons going to visit the Prison found the Woman to be in her perfect senses, and to her Husband's no small mortification, sent her home to him again, desiring her to send him there, as by his behaviour he seemed to be a proper Object for such a Place.Curious
Same day [Sunday] a boy robbing a garden in Rathfarnham was fired upon by the gardiner who wounded him in the A—se and several other places of which he now lies very badCurious
Same night [Tuesday] died Samuel COX, the boy mentioned in my last to be shot as he was robbing a gentleman's garden in Rathfarnham last Sunday by one John MILLERCurious
Same night [Tuesday] as some persons were endeavouring to take the said MILLER he fired a pistol, and shot one Henry BRIEN dead on the spot, and made his escape. Mr David SHARPLY, with proper assistants, went in Pursuit of him, but notwithstanding all his endeavours the Villain has got off. The said MILLER is about 45 years old of a very swathy Complexion, a little marked with the Small Pox, Hawk Nos'd, with a dent or cut over his Forehead, Bow legg'd, Stoop Shoulder's. His Voice is somewhat altered by his taking too much Snuff, he is five feet odd inches high, walks very smart, & is a wigmaker by TradeCurious
Pue'sO17531110NPSNickVAN NOSTMr
This week two fine figures, one of Justice and another of Fortune, done by the famous Mr VAN NOST, were put up over the Gates on the Castle Yard [The former is said, in commentary on English rule, to have her back to the citizens of Dublin]Curious
Same evening a man held a wager of a Guinea that he could carry half hundred weight between his teeth from the Watch House in James's Gate to the Poor House at the upper end of James's street without stopping to rest, which he performed in a short time and won the wager, with the loss only of one of his teethCurious
Same day (Wednesday) a Proclamation was issued by the Lord Lieutenant and council, offering a reward of fifty pounds for apprehending John MILLER of Rathfarnham against whom two several indictments were found by the Grand Jury of the County of Dublin for shooting Samuel COX on the 7th of October last and Henry BRYAN who attempted to apprehend him on the 9th, of which wounds the both died, as formerly mentioned in this paper; and requesting all Officers; Civil and Military to be aiding, and assisting in siezing the said murdererCurious
Sunday last a man in Black Horse Lane, who after the Examplle of his betters, had been zealously serving the Devil in an Ale House, went home in a pious Fit to discipline his Wife, who had lain in but three Days, and the flesh proving too weak for the Spirit, he beat her in so cruel a manner, that her life is greatly despaired of. The women in the Neighbourhood, resenting so inhuman an Action, rose in a body, and, after giving him a sober Pumping and making him stand two hours In the Stocks, dismissed him, on his giving his Parole to his good Behaviour for the FutureCurious
Thursday morning last about 5 O'clock, a most terrible fire broke out in St Werburgh's church, which in a few hours entirely consumed that fine fabrick, nothing being preserved but the bells and the clock in the steeple, which was done with difficulty...Curious
Last night the Rt Hon the Lord Mayor and Mr Sheriff CRAMPTON, attended by the constables went to Essex street and took a Billard Table out of one of the coffee Houses which they publicaly burnt in the street. His Lordship went to several other places where Billard Tables were kept but being refused admittance, prevented from the burning of several othersCurious
Cork 10 July 1755 — Last Saturday died in the 85th year of his age the remarkable Capt CHIP, who came from Hamburgh to this harbour in an open boat with only one boy, he went to the West Indies with two men only, and had done many of the like astonishing voyages, of late he lost his understandingCurious
Wednesday, October 29] At night a chaiseman driving his chase along the North Strand leading from the Ship Buildings to Howth, the horse fell in to one of the many deep holes that are now in the very middle of the road, by which it was quite lam'd, the chair broke to pieces, and the chaiseman and two persons who were greatly bruised. These holes are made by the dairymen and their servants, to dig gravel out to clean their churns, at the hazard of the limbs and lives of thier fellow creatures; and they wickedly persist in it, altho' they well know many persons have been terribly hurt and great damage done. If these holes are not immediatllely stopped up, the names of the persons who dig them will be setforthCurious
We think it necessary to declare that this is not to be considered a common newspaper character inserted for hire. It is a character well known; and while we think it a duty to the public and to the deceased to do them justice after death we take the opportunity of assuring our readers, that we shall for no consideration insert characters that are not well known or very well attendedCurious
A gentleman passing through Patrick's Well Lane was chance splashed by a Hackney coach horse; upon which the humane Gentleman drew his sword; and ran the Beast through the body, of which it instantly expired, the coachman followed the Gentleman and found out his name; and marked a writ against him for 18l damage which he is obliged to payCurious
The late Mrs Henrietta WOLFE, mother to the late General WOLFE, has left a legacy of one thousand pounds to the Incorporated Society in Dublin for promoting English Protestant Schools in Ireland [His monuments Quebec now]Curious
In the evening a Hackney Chaisman drove his horse and chaise into the watering place in Barrack St, but going out too far, they were carried away by the rapidity of the current, and both the man and the horse were unfortunately drownedCurious
The following is a striking instance of the powerful effects of the imagination on the human mind: a few days ago a ballad singer, acting in his profession on Crampton Quay, entertained the neighbourhood with a new song, called the upstart coal porter, to the tune of Lilly-bo-lero — a coal porter on said Quay, thinking the he was person meant, immediately grew frantic, thence to outrageous madness, but he was instantly bound with cors, so as not to injure himself or any other person. His friends are preparing a cell in Bedlam for his immediate reception.Curious
At his seat at Sleary, in the Queen's co. (formerly the residence of on of the Hibernian Monach's). Mr Charles BYRNE, who remembered to have seen the the last six crowned heads in England, though he was one of the most remarkable brandy drinkers in this kingdom.Curious
At an Assizes held at Carrickfergus in the County of Antrim in August last, a remarkable trial come on before Hon. Judge ROBINSON, and a Jury of that County, for kidnapping John ROACH, a minor, son of Dominick ROACH of the town of Drougheda, dealer, when after a trial of four hours, A. O, of the town of Belfast in said county, merchant, owner, or reputed owner, of the vessel or ship called the Prince George of Belfast aforesaid, was found guilty of se_cing, inveighling and kidnapping said Roach on board said Vessel, and causing him to be sold as a slave in Amreica; but as the Indictment was only laid for a Trespass, and not a Felony, said O. was ordered to be three months confined, and fined 100 marks, tho' it was the Sense of the Court he deserved Death.
  This it is hoped, will deter Gentlemen from carrying out such a wicked, unchristian trade, as kidnapping young children from their parents, and selling them in remote parts of the world for their own private gain.
Whereas Margaret O'DRISKELL, otherwise M'MAHON, eloped from me, embezeled my substance and committed several other facts unjustifiable and improper, now I do hereby caution all persons from giving her any credit whatsoever, as I will not pay and debts she may contract, given under my hand, dated at Glinn, Jan. 24th, 1769. Florence O'DRISKELL.Curious
LC1769126NPANickO'DRISKELLMargaret (nee M'MAHON)
Whereas Margaret O'DRISKELL, otherwise M'MAHON, eloped from me, embezeled my substance and committed several other facts unjustifiable and improper, now I do hereby caution all persons from giving her any credit whatsoever, as I will not pay and debts she may contract, given under my hand, dated at Glinn, Jan. 24th, 1769. Florence O'DRISKELL.Curious
Lately, on his Passage between Bristol and Lisbon, where he was going for the Recovery of his Health, Patrick MORAN, Esq; a Native of this Kingdom, who had been in the East India Company's Service by Sea and Land since 1745, he served as a Captain under Lord Clive at the Battle of Plessy, and several other Engagements, but his bad State of Health obliged him to quit the Service in 1767; he has left a handsome Fortune between his Brother John MORAN, Portrait Painter, in Wexford, and a Sister in Dublin.Curious
[Dublin, April 22] Saturday last, after the execution of Christopher MORGAN and Bridget BOURKE, the Mob pulled down the Gallows.Curious
Last Tuesday James MOLONEY Fitzandrew, James MOLONEY Fitzjohn, John MOLONEY Fitzpatrick, George MOLONEY and several others, forcibly carried miss Susanna MOLONEY an heiress, from Crag in the county Clare, and kept her in an island in Lough-greny, till Saturday following, when they were taken, and yesterday lodged in the jail of Ennis; by the activity of James MOLONEY, Ringrose DREW and Richard TENELL, Esqrs, three of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, assisted by a party of Lord Drogheda's light Dragoons from Gort.Curious
Last Tuesday James MOLONEY Fitzandrew, James MOLONEY Fitzjohn, John MOLONEY Fitzpatrick, George MOLONEY and several others, forcibly carried miss Susanna MOLONEY an heiress, from Crag in the county Clare, and kept her in an island in Lough-greny, till Saturday following, when they were taken, and yesterday lodged in the jail of Ennis; by the activity of James MOLONEY, Ringrose DREW and Richard TENELL, Esqrs, three of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, assisted by a party of Lord Drogheda's light Dragoons from Gort.Curious
Last Tuesday James MOLONEY Fitzandrew, James MOLONEY Fitzjohn, John MOLONEY Fitzpatrick, George MOLONEY and several others, forcibly carried miss Susanna MOLONEY an heiress, from Crag in the county Clare, and kept her in an island in Lough-greny, till Saturday following, when they were taken, and yesterday lodged in the jail of Ennis; by the activity of James MOLONEY, Ringrose DREW and Richard TENELL, Esqrs, three of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, assisted by a party of Lord Drogheda's light Dragoons from Gort.Curious
LC1769522NPSNickMOLONEYJames (Fitzanderw)
Last Tuesday James MOLONEY Fitzandrew, James MOLONEY Fitzjohn, John MOLONEY Fitzpatrick, George MOLONEY and several others, forcibly carried miss Susanna MOLONEY an heiress, from Crag in the county Clare, and kept her in an island in Lough-greny, till Saturday following, when they were taken, and yesterday lodged in the jail of Ennis; by the activity of James MOLONEY, Ringrose DREW and Richard TENELL, Esqrs, three of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, assisted by a party of Lord Drogheda's light Dragoons from Gort.Curious
LC1769522NPSNickMOLONEYJames (Fitzjohn)
Last Tuesday James MOLONEY Fitzandrew, James MOLONEY Fitzjohn, John MOLONEY Fitzpatrick, George MOLONEY and several others, forcibly carried miss Susanna MOLONEY an heiress, from Crag in the county Clare, and kept her in an island in Lough-greny, till Saturday following, when they were taken, and yesterday lodged in the jail of Ennis; by the activity of James MOLONEY, Ringrose DREW and Richard TENELL, Esqrs, three of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, assisted by a party of Lord Drogheda's light Dragoons from Gort.Curious
LC1769522NPSNickMOLONEYJohn (Fitzpatrick)
Last Tuesday James MOLONEY Fitzandrew, James MOLONEY Fitzjohn, John MOLONEY Fitzpatrick, George MOLONEY and several others, forcibly carried miss Susanna MOLONEY an heiress, from Crag in the county Clare, and kept her in an island in Lough-greny, till Saturday following, when they were taken, and yesterday lodged in the jail of Ennis; by the activity of James MOLONEY, Ringrose DREW and Richard TENELL, Esqrs, three of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, assisted by a party of Lord Drogheda's light Dragoons from Gort.Curious
Last Tuesday James MOLONEY Fitzandrew, James MOLONEY Fitzjohn, John MOLONEY Fitzpatrick, George MOLONEY and several others, forcibly carried miss Susanna MOLONEY an heiress, from Crag in the county Clare, and kept her in an island in Lough-greny, till Saturday following, when they were taken, and yesterday lodged in the jail of Ennis; by the activity of James MOLONEY, Ringrose DREW and Richard TENELL, Esqrs, three of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, assisted by a party of Lord Drogheda's light Dragoons from Gort.Curious
Last Tuesday James MOLONEY Fitzandrew, James MOLONEY Fitzjohn, John MOLONEY Fitzpatrick, George MOLONEY and several others, forcibly carried miss Susanna MOLONEY an heiress, from Crag in the county Clare, and kept her in an island in Lough-greny, till Saturday following, when they were taken, and yesterday lodged in the jail of Ennis; by the activity of James MOLONEY, Ringrose DREW and Richard TENELL, Esqrs, three of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, assisted by a party of Lord Drogheda's light Dragoons from Gort.Curious
A correspondent in the County of Tipperary, has favoured us with the following piece of intelligence: Two reputable widowers of said county; one aged 69 and the other 63 having a good many children, all of whom had been decently provided for, in the matrimonial way except for one daughter each, of about eighteen years of age, mutually agreed to intermarry with each other's daughter which they accordingly did a few days ago, with this resolution of living all together in one house, and as an encouragement to procreation, the old veterans have made a bet of one hundred guineas, to be paid to him whose young wife shall soonest make her brother-in-law a grandfather.Curious
Last Friday Mrs. Anne SHELLEMAN, wife of Mr. Davis SHELLEMAN of High Street, merchantCurious
Mr. David SHELLEMAN of Kilkeny, merchant to Miss Ann COMERFORDCurious
Last Friday about half an hour past two in the morning a Duel was fought in Dunmore Park near Kilkenny between H__y F__D, Esq; and J__s A__R of R___d Esq; in which the latter Gentleman was unfortunately killed on the Spot by a Ball which entered over his left Breast.Curious
The Leinster Journal confirms the account in our last, of the Duel fought near Kilkenny, with this difference, that it happened at two in the afternoon. Mr. AGAR of Ringwood, who was unfortunately killed on the spot, was a Member of Parliament, possessed of 5000l. per annum, and it is remarkable there are three other Gentlemen of the Same Christian and Sirname in the House of Commons in this Kingdom.Curious
Between eleven and twelve at night, as Mr WALLACE of Essex-street, peruke -maker, was passing through Pill-lane, he was accosted opposite the fishmarket-gate by a lusty fellow, who asked him for charity, when he gave a penny, upon which the villain immediately collared him, drew out a long knife, and with the most dreadful imprecations demanded his money; but Mr WALLACE tripped up his heels, and got the knife from him, when two of his associates coming to his assistance, WALLACE pulled out his curling irons, and assured them if they came nearer he would blow their brains out, which irons the rogues imagining to be a pistol, took to their heels, and made off. He then conducted the first villain to St Mary's watch-house, but as the attempt was made in St Michans parish, he was obliged to take him to the watch-house on Inns-quay, where he gave him in charge to the constable of the night, and while the wig-maker was writing his name and where he lived. in order to be found to prosecute, the villain was suffered to escape.Curious
LC1769904NPSNickDOYNERev Dean
Last week a fine rock Cantalope Mellon, weighing 9lb 11oz. was cut from the Rev. Dean DOYNE's Garden, in CarlowCurious
Saturday died, aged 65, in Garrett street, St Giles's, [London] Margaret CASSIDY, who acquired 6600l. by keeping lodging houses, and lending money at 20l. per Cent to Market people. She left her whole fortune to two Popish Priests.Curious
LC1770329NPANickFLENMarien (ow MINIGAN)
Whereas Marien FLEN otherwise MINIGAM daughter to Michael MINIGAN of Aherheni, in the County of Clare farmer, has been lawfully married to William FLEN of Ballybrack in the County of Clare farmer, these are to give notice to the public, that no person by any authority whatsoever shall make farther attempt upon her as her marriage is to be proved by two cerdible witnesses, or else he will suffer the rigour of the law. March 22, 1770.Curious
James GRANT who for several years sold Canes in this city, having lost the use of his limbs by sickness, and rendered incapable of any labour, and to crown his misfortunes is confined in North Jail for rent, labouring under these misfortunes, together with a wife and children, he most humbly implores relief from the compassionate in general, and being a native of England, from his countrymen in particular.Curious
Last Tuesday in Limerick, Andrew WELSH, Esq; a Burgess of said city, and formerly printer of the Munster Journal. He was a Gentleman of Most unblemished character, and possessed of every virtue that could adorn the humane mind and worthy citzen.Curious
As there will be a large quantity of Brick wanted for the House of Industry, now begun on the North-strand, those who have good to disposeof, are desir'd tp send their Proposals for delivering them at the Building, specifying their size and quality, to Lant HILL, Esq; immediately. March 3. [Note: The register of the House of Industry 1774-1793 has been published by the Irish Manuscript Commission]Curious
At Chatham, England, Mrs. JONES, aged 93, her father lived to the age of 105, her mother to 103.Curious
Whereas Edmond SCANLAN my husband, having caused an Advertisement to be inserted in this Paper dated the 1st inst, which falsely and injurously asserts that I have eloped; I am obliged in vindication of my character and reputation (which are dearer to me than my life) thus publickly to contradict that base and scandalous charge, which has proceeded from most vilainous insinuation, of certain vile incendaries, by whose means I most undeservedly received so cruel and unnatural abuse from my said husband, that I was lately obliged to fly for safety to my life, with an infant on my breast, to my father's, for refuge from his ill treatment. This being the one cause of what he calls elopement. I hope my friends and the public, will acquit me of any censure which said malicious Advertisement has conveyed. Jan. 5, 1778


Clonmell March 4, Last Monday was committed to jail by the worshipful John LUTHER Esq; James COX, charged with the murder of James AHERN, in the county of Limerick. He was taken by the activity of Mathew JACOB, jun EsqCurious
In the county court before the lord chief baron, James COX was found guilty of shooting James AHERN at Kilfinanan and was sentanced to be executred Saturday next the 27th instCurious
Belfast, April 6. The 26th of March last died at Bray, Mr. John BRAY; he lived 77years without owning any one sixpence: his death is regreted more, as he was married three days before to an agreeable widow near StewartstownCurious
The widow and orphans of the late unfortunate James COX, acknowledges with gratitude, the receipt of 3l. 8s. 3d. from Joseph GUBBINS Esq; of Maidstown, being a collection from the late grand jury of the co LimerickCurious
Last week a Drag Match of 5 miles for 20 guineas, was run for at Tarbert in the County of Kerry, between Robert BAXTER, Esq'rs horse Surveyor; and Capt. BARNESLEY's horse Surprize; rode by the two Gentelmen, and won by Mr. BAXTER; the drag was run in 10 minutes, tho' there were 4 fivr feet walls, and 6 fourteen feet drains.Curious
Mr. Thomas POWELL acknowledges the receit of ten Guineas by the hands of the Rev. Mr. NIHILL, for the relief of the poor Debtors; by which five unhappy Men in the City Gaol have been relieved from confinement, viz. Hugh CLAREY, Michael M'NAMARA, William CORCORAN, William MEAGHAN, and Patrick MEAHANCurious
Last night died William DONNELLAN, book-binder, a native of this City, who served his apprenticeship to Mr. John CHERRY. He has left a Wife with six children, the youngest of whom not three months old; the loss of such a man, whose labour supported a large family, may be felt but cannot be described. Such benevolent persons as are disposed to relieve them, are requested to send their benefactions to Mr. George HALLORAN, Mr. FERRAR, Mr. WATSON, or Mr FLYN.Curious
Last Thursday evening a Boy who climbed up a tree in St. Mary's church-yard, fell from thence, and pitching on a tomb-stone, he was unfortunately killed on the spotCurious
LC17831129NPSNickDONOVANRichard (Batty Rag)
  Cork Nov. 27.  Monday night last a little boy Richard DONOVAN, (nicknamed Batty Rag) was detected stealing a brass candlestick from an house in Hanover-street.  A Gentlewoman took him into examonation and sent for Mr. Larn WRIGHT, one of the Peace Officers, by whose vigulance, the assistance of Mr. ROWE, jun. and the Boy's information, they apprehended Richard HAWES, Gardiner, and Mary his reputed wife, of Curry's Rock; Cornelius DONOVAN, catied Couaghureen, a seller of old iron at the end of Chatre's-lane; Jeremiah CALLAHAN, a notorious Pimp of Wooden's lane; Mary BOWES, and Elinor CONNELL, of Three Hatchet-lane, and one KELIHER and his wife of Blarney-lane, against whom the boy with another of his conferates, Laurence WHITE, discovere3d them to be their encouragers, and purchasers of all the stole goods.  The party of Larkers (which they were termed) constituted of Michael O'BRIEN, Taylor, Pierce BUTLER, Teigeen, a Horse Jockey, and BRITT, a cobler's son, who have all made off, and were accomplices of the said DONOVAN and WHITE, now in custody. There are some others of the Receivers who have fled from justice.  By the above knot of villains there has been stolen within these few months to the amount of some hundred pounds, which the boys have confessed, chiefly in plate, wearing apparel, house linen, candlesticks, kettles, &c. many articles of which Mr. WRIGHT has lodged in Alderman WRIXON's Office.Curious
Cork, Dec. 15, Last Saturday Richard HAWES was whipped from North Gate to South Gate, pursuant to his sentence at our Quarter Sessions, for receiving stolen goods and encouraging children to become shoplifters. The Sheriffs on this occasion saw the punishment properly inflicted, which shows their intention of fulfilling the duties of their office with a degree of justice, that must endear them to their fellow citizens.Curious
Last week at Chester the celebrated John BISSET, of Belfast; the most remarkable man that probably ever lived for cultivating an intimacy with the dumb creation. He made a figure in London several years ago, as conductor of the Cats Opera; since which time he has instructed, in the most curious tricks and deceptions, several dogs, horses, turtles, birds &c and latterly a small pig, which was lately shewn in the North and in this city, and with which he was on his way to London when he died.Curious
Cork, Feb. 24. Last Tuesday evening Mr. Abel HARRIS, eldest of ten children of Mr. Michael HARRIS, anvunfortunate gentleman confined some years for debt in South Gaol, coming out of a ship he belonged to, on the South Mall, fell into the river, where he remained for some time till by the exertions of some other sailors he was taken up, without any appearance of life, but through the very great attention of Doctors HARRIS, and BAGNELL, and the humanity of Mr. HENNESSY, who received him into his lime and salt works, he was after much difficulty brought to life, though not yet out of danger. This misfortune is an increase to the woes afflicting his unfortunate family, he being a very promising young man,in whom his ill-fated parents hoped to find as assistant to mitigate their sorrows.Curious
Last Saturday night, the Wife of Charles BOLAND, of Doonass, (an industrious honest labourer), was safely delivered of Three Daughters, who with their mother, are in perfect health.Curious
Last week at Bath, George PRICE, Esq; of the county Flint, North Wales, to the amiable Miss M'DERMOT, of the county Roscommon. This young lady may truly be said to be one of the daughters of fortune, as last lottery she received of MOSS, WELLS, NICHOLSON and Co. Dame Street, one thousand guineas for a fortunate ticket in Mr. MLESWAORTHs calculation, for the trifling sum of one guinea: this event occasioned her to take a trip to Bath, where in the gay circle she became acquainted with the above Gentleman, whose fortune is more than 500l. per annum. and who was captivated with hr person and accomplishments, that he made our fair countrywoman the partner of his heart and fortune.Curious
CG HA1788131NPDNickPILLIONFredericEsq
On the 17th inst. in London, Frederic PILLION, Esq; of the Middle Temple, a native of Cork Author of 'He would be a soldier" and several other Dramatic Pieces.Curious
CG HA1788214NPMNickKEOGHOwenMr
Waterford ... Last week was married, Mr Owen KEOGH, of Newfoundland, to Miss Alice MALONE, of Lady lane.Curious
Cork, July 14. About nine days ago, a favourite lap-dog bit the widow of Mr. James DILLON, Revenue Officer, and a friend advised that the dog should be tied in a dark room, in order to know if it was mad; but the dog cut the cord, and getting to Mrs. DILLON's room jumped on the bed and bit her a second time, bit a woman in the room and a child below stair, on which he was immediately killed, and whether from apprehension of madness, or the loss of the dog, Mrs. Dillon fell into a spotted fever and died last Saturday, constantly raving at the dog and calling her favourite Pompey.Curious
Ennis, April 14. early this morning James SCALLOWT clerk at Mr. DREW's new bake-house, got up to admit the workmen, sat on the bed from whence he arose but a few minutes before (seemingly in perfect health) and expired without a groan.Curious
On the 1st inst, Charles O'CONNOR, of Belannagare, Esq; M.R.I.A.— author of Dissertation on the History of Ireland, and several other interesting tracts: he will be regretted while there is a native in this kindon to recollect his attachments to its old inhabitants—and his eforts for their emancipation from penal statutes, which an enlightened government has acknowledged to be oppressive and undeserved:—he was born on 1st January 1710, and died on 1st July 1791.Curious
The humility of the Public is earnestly appealed to, in behalf of a Widow with three Orphans, who is now confined in the City Jail (and in an Appartment with thirteen Men, no other place being appropriated for Debtors,) for a debt of £9:—the Plaintiff has kindly offered to accept five guineas in full payment, and the Jailer will remit his Fees, and pay a Crown towards liberating her.—Benefaction will be received by A. WATSON, and Mr. MILLWARD, Jailer.Curious
Last Thursday, a cook-maid at Mr. RYAN's, of Ballymckeogh, near Newport, was safely delivered of four male children, the mother and all of whom are perfectly well; it is to be remarked she is married ten years, and never had a child before; by the humane disposition of Mrs. RYAN, they are all provided with proper nurses.Curious
LC1793615NPDNickPURDONWilliam JohnEsq
On Friday last, in Chester, William John PURDON, of Dublin, Esq.—In opening the ground near the Altar, in St. Oswald's for the interment of the remains of the above Gentleman, the lead cofin which encloses the dust of the Lord Chancellor GERADE, was found in a state of preservation scarcely credible, when we say that ir has been ab inhabitant of the peaceful grave 211 years; though from its appearance the eye might be deceived into a belief, that it had not lain there more than as many hours!—Lord Chancellor GERADE held the Irish Seals in the reign of Elizabeth.Curious
About three o'Clock last night two Expresses arrived from Dingle, which were immediately forwarded to Dublin; they are said to contain accounts of the most dreadful riots having happened in that town, on Sunday and Monday last, in which numbers of the army as well as the rioters were killed; and that the elegant mansion of W. T. MULLINS, Esq; was totally demolished.Curious
Yesterday afternoon, about 6 o'clock, a respectable Shop-keeper of this City[Limerick], fell into the River above New-Bridge; the inhabitants of the adjoining Quays were isntantly alarmed;-- a gallant Amazon, Margaret MALONE, leapt into the river, and caught hold of his hair, by which means, and the assistance given by Mr. Edy LACY, in providing ropes and lanterns, agreeable to the order of the Humane Society, the Gentleman's life ewas preserved:--We have pleasure to hear that the above woman will be amply rewarded by the Humane Society:--Three Persons have, within this week, been rescued from drowning, which in great measure can be attributed to rewards held forth by the Society.--Buoys, ropes, poles, &c. are now in readiness at Mr. LACY's shop for any emergency.Curious
A young Amazon in the purlieus of Barrack Street, a few days since, dressed herself in mens' apparel, and enlisted with a recruiting sergeant; She obtained five guineas of her bounty money and contrived to spend it to her liking before the skin merchantCurious
Advertisement for growers of flax and hempCurious
At Tarbert, Jeremiah MULBRANDON, aged only 75, to the truly accomplished Miss Catherine O'SCANLAN, whose embarassment and bashfulness on so solemn an ocasion, could be better felt than described—her age being no more than 65 the 1st of January last.Curious
At Tarbert, Jeremiah MULBRANDON, aged only 75, to the truly accomplished Miss Catherine O'SCANLAN, whose embarassment and bashfulness on so solemn an ocasion, could be better felt than described—her age being no more than 65 the 1st of January last.Curious
On the 6th instant was married by The Rev. Mr. BUCKLEY, P. P. At Bruff, Richard SMITH, aged 89 years, to the Widow ROCHE, aged 64, being his fifth wife, the joint property of the parties is, on their demise, to be equally divided between their issue.Curious
On the 6th instant was married by The Rev. Mr. BUCKLEY, P. P. At Bruff, Richard SMITH, aged 89 years, to the Widow ROCHE, aged 64, being his fifth wife, the joint property of the parties is, on their demise, to be equally divided between their issue.Curious
On the 6th instant was married by The Rev. Mr. BUCKLEY, P. P. At Bruff, Richard SMITH, aged 89 years, to the Widow ROCHE, aged 64, being his fifth wife, the joint property of the parties is, on their demise, to be equally divided between their issue.Curious
Yesterday evening John HANEEN, a very old man, was brought to the Hospital, having his leg and collar bone broke, by the fall if the roof of an old house in the Abbey, of which he died two hours after;—last year a poor woman was killed, by the floors of the same house falling in, and ten or twelve other poor people severely injured.—Is there no Grand Jury to inspect or prevent repetition of such melancholy accidents?Curious
Cork, August 10. On the 26th ult. died at Crookhaven, Patrick GRADY and Elenor his wife. They were born in the same house, on the same day, were married in the same house they were born in, where they fell sick on the same day, about a week previous to this date, and died on the same day, after having lived 96 years.—Their bodies were escorted to the grave by 96 of their children, grand and great grand children!Curious
At Cork, of an apoplexy, James FITZ-GERALD, Esq; barrister at law; and though very young, generally supposed to be the fattest man in the kingdom; his waistcoat has been frequently buttoned round thre men together of ordinary bulk, yet his professional activity seemed by no means impelled by his unwieldy corpulency.Curious
In Moore street, on Saturday morning last at 8 o'clock, of a putrid fever, Lieutenant Thomas CROKER, of the Invalids, and Pursuivant at Arms to the Knights of the most illustrious order of St. Patrick. And on Saturday evening died, of the same fever, in Moore street, Mrs. CROKER, wife of the above Lieut. T. CROKER.—They have left a family of six children, at a very early age, to lament their irreparable loss. A little boy, one of their sons, first took the fever, and their attendance on him proved fatal to both.Curious
In Cloyne, Co. Cork, Mr. John SCANLAN, Professor of Mathematics, a man of extraordinary talents, and of uncommon genius, who taught with great success, the elements of Mathematics, though he had neen blind for the space of 24 years past.Curious
Yesterday was married, Michael DEE, butler to the Rev. Dr. MAUNSELL, aged twenty-two to teh agreeable Widow CUSACK, aged seventy-five.Curious
On the 18th isnt died in Tulliheneer, near Tarbert, Michael and Jeremiah MILLINER, brothers, the former aged 99 years, the latter 96 years, though poor, they were both remarkably honest, generous and pious; they expired in the same bed and their deaths were occasioned by the same complaint.Curious
An occurrence of a very extraordinary kind took palce a few days since in the county Wexford, at Clough-east-Castle, the seat of Dr Richard WADDY – Doctor WADDY having rendered himself very obnoxious to the rebels by his active loyalty during the rebellion, particularly concerned in the apprehension of Bagenal HARVEY, found it necessary for the safety of his life to reside in an old vaulted Castle of Clough-east, where the entrance of his bed-chamber was secured by an antique portcullis; Thus fortified, Dr Waddy had hitherto defied all threats of assination which came againsthim from every side. A few days ago, a mendicant popish friar of Taghmon, named BURN, visited the doctor in his castle, and was hospitably entertained at dinner – in the evening, when it was time to part, BURN begged to be allowed to remain, and after some difficulty on the part of his host, was permitted to lie in a second bed in the vaulted chamber. While the Doctor and the friar were going to their beds, the friar expressed great anxiety that his host should say his prayers, a duty which the Doctor, who had drank freely, seemed disposed to neglect; in the middle of the night, Doctor WADDY heard sombody drawing his cavalry sword, which hung at his bed's head, and immediately after was attacked by the friar, and was now endeavouring to murder his host; the latter received several wounds in the head and arm, and at length the friar supposing that he had accomplished his purpose, attempted escape under the portcullis. Doctor WADDY had just strength enough remaining to loose the cord which supported it, and it fell on the priest with such violence, almost to sever his body, which fell down lifeless into the apartment below. the next morning the body of the friar was found, and the servants, going into their master's apartment, found him covered in his own blood – Immediate medical aid was had, and we have the satisfaction of hearing that Doctor WADDY is now out of danger. A Coroner's Inquest was held on the body of BURN, and the jury (composed of the Roman Catholic inhabitants of the neighbourhood) found a verdict of "accidental death" – Flk JlCurious
For some time past I have employed John D'ARCY, a natural son of mine, as Proctor, and from his treatment of me to that line, I was under the neccessity, (above four months ago) of writing to the different Clergy in the Parishes I hold, to inform the Parishioners to pay him no money, &c. I find still he is taking of it where he can get it, and passing receipts, which he gives dates to before he.bas been turned out of employment—his conduct therefore induces me to inform all Persons that have a dealing with me, I. will allow no payments made him, nor give credit for Tytbes he may let from the time he first has been discharged from my business.
Dated this 18th day of April, 1801.
Several persons were tried, and sentenced to transportation and penitentiary for petty offencesCurious
On Tuesday evening, Ellen ENRIGHT, an old woman, went to Mr. Thomas GOGGIN, Watch maker, nd offered for sale, the half of a large silver Sauce Boat;— Mr. GOGGIN, very properly suspecting her, called on Mr. W. A neighbouring High Constable, who brought her before the Rt. Worshipful Joseph SARGENT, Mayor: on Mr. W. referring to a publication in the Limerick Chronicle of the 13th of March, 1799, it appears that it was part of a parcel of Plate, stolen out of the house of James D'ARCY, Esq; of Knockadreey, in this county. The woman was committed to the City Gaol.Curious
Cooing CooksCurious
The place where the Tyburn Tree once stood is changed into an elegant Crescent, and has obtained the name TrafalgerCurious
LGA1806919NPDNickO'BRIENPatrick Cotter
Monday sennight, at Hot Wells, Bristol, Patrick O'BRIEN, the Irish Giant. This extraordinary man, whose height exceeded eight feet, was born in Kinsale, and had long been a wonder of the age. He was interred in the Catholic Chapel in Trenchard-street, Bristol. A gentleman had the curiosity to attend, with many others, to see the stupendous coffin, prepared for this remarkable personage, he informa us that its length was nine feet, five inches, and that five men got into it with ease, and had the lid placed upon it. The brass plate contained the folowing inscription :—" Patrick Cotter O'BRIEN, of Kinsale, Ireland, whose stature was 8 feet, one inch. Died Sept. 8, 1806, aged 46 years."— There were some emblems on it, denoting the deceased belonged to the Masonic Order of Knights Templar.Curious
LGA1807501NPANickCASEYMary (nee CLANCHY)
Marrital claimsCurious
Last Tuesday, Patrick MADDEN, a mason, of John-st, expire, in consequence of a fall down his cellar steps, when in the act of making a kick at his wife, which he missed, about a fortnight back, since whih he never uttered a sentance, and lingered in the greatest agony till the day of his disolutionCurious
On Tuesday last, at Knocksallagh, near Carahane, co Clare, at the very advanced age of 100 years, Cornelius HEHIR.—He recollected having sold turf at Ennis, in the year 1720, when the town contained only three slated houses.Curious
At Knockfallagh, near Carrahane, County Clare, at the advanced age of 100 years, which he completed the 10th of October last, Cornelius HEHIR.Curious
Yesterday evening, in Fair Lane, Mary DUKE, relict of the late Edward DUKE, of Bandon, aged 105 years; she enjoyed the happiness of seeing 177 of her Children, Grand Children, and Great Grand Children; and was perfect in her intellect to the last moment.Curious
Thrilling ride!Curious
Death notice of Valentine WALSH aged 109Curious
On the night of Sunday last, about the hour of 9 o'clock, David KELLY of Ballygran and Thomas BLAKE of Ballingarry, effected their escape fron the county jail, where they had been confined for debt. These ingenious gentlemen obtained their lineration by means of a false key which opened a grating over a passage through that even the most relentless creditors could not pursue them without reluctance and discust.Curious
At Donaghadee, on Saturday se'nnight, by the Rev Alex. GOWDY, John ARMSTRONG, a bachelor, aged 45, to Jane M'AULEY, (her fifth husband), aged 90; with a fortune of £500—The bride cannot undress without assistance! ! !Curious
At the late eccentric marriage of Donaghadee, when the ceremony was over, the juvenile bride of ninety, held up her left hand and remarked—'I have got a wedding ring for each of these four fingers and now I have one for my thumbCurious
Yest morn, the wife of Mr JESSEN a compositor on this paper, was safely delivered of a son being his twenty-seventh child - He is now in his 70th year of his age and full of health, spirits and hilarity. He has actually engaged a acoucher for the next yrCurious
At Dromore, Mr Wm REA of Edenruty, at the advanced age of 73, to Miss Lucinda LEE of Drumskee, aged 24 — The circumstance attended this marriage is something singular, as he has lived to this period without ever thinking of entering such a situation, though possessed of a vast property; but supposing his friends might have disputes in consequence thereof he thought proper to make an engagement with this young woman, she being his house keeperCurious
The King has been graciously pleased to grant unto Matthew BLOOD of Castlefergus, in the co. Clare, Esq, his royal licence and authority, that he and his issue may take and use the surname and bear the arms of SMYTH, instead of those of BLOOD, in compliance of the will of William SMYTH, late of the city of Dublin, Esq, deceased, who was the uncle of Dorothea Juliana BLOOD, wife of Matthew BLOOD.Curious
At Granard on the 21st inst. Mrs. HOLMES, relict to the late Robert HOLMES, Esq. and widow of Simon M'CULLY, Esq. of Willbrook, county Longford, who died in 1764.Curious
At Granard on the 21st inst. Mrs. HOLMES, relict to the late Robert HOLMES, Esq. and widow of Simon M'CULLY, Esq. of Willbrook, county Longford, who died in 1764.Curious
At Granard on the 21st inst. Mrs. HOLMES, relict to the late Robert HOLMES, Esq. and widow of Simon M'CULLY, Esq. of Willbrook, county Longford, who died in 1764.Curious


About eight o'clock this morning, three post-chaises were observed driving rapidly over the bridge of Knockengin, which joins the counties of Dublin and Meath. They immediately drove to the strand contiguous to the county of Meath, and the persons that were in them having alighted, proceeded to the business of marking out the ground and charging the pistols, for a duel between two gentlemen, one of the name of DREW, and the other of O'BRIEN. Whatever the cause of quarrel might have been, it was soon decided, for on taking their places, and the signal being given by the seconds, they fired together, when instantaneously Mr. D. fell, dead! his opponent's ball having entered his forehead over the left eye, passing through the brain, and coming out at the back of his head! By this time numbers of the peasantry were assembled on the banks above the shore, something like an indistinct murmur was expressed, of taking the survivor into custody, but this was prevented by the immediate flight of himself and second to the post-chaise, which drove off with them with the rapidity of lightning—nor were the rest of the party flow in following—for before a quarter of an hour elapsed from their arrival, all had disappeared, leaving the breathless, bleeding body of their companion to the promiscuous care of the surrounding multitude.
Visit by caravats in co WaterfordCurious
DEP1810417NPDNickWALKERJoseph CooperEsq
DIED—On Thursday the 12 Day of April, after a lingering and painful illness, at St Vuleri, in the county of Wiklow, Joseph Cooper WALKER, Esq. member or many literary and philosophical societies. The loss of the accomplished scholar will be long and deeply deplored by all true votaries of science and the arts; but those only who have had the happiness to be included in the circle of his friends, can justly appreciate, and duly regret, the many virtues which dignified, and the numerous points adorned hip character. A frame of peculiar __ity incapacitated Mr. WALKER for the exercise of an active profession and early withdrew his mind from the busy bustle of the world to the more congenial occupations of literary retirement.—The intervals of pain and sickness, which are usually passed in languor or in pleasure, were by him devoted to the cultivation of those objects of science and taste of which he had been so early and so fondly enamoured. As a critic and an antiquarian Mr. Walker was equally distinguished. The Italian muse, rendered familiar in his polished pages, has through him became a denizen of these Western Isles; and the Essays on Irish manner and Customs (the offspring of his vigorous mind, at a period when many young men are not yet emancipated from the tyranny of pupil-age) evince a maturity of judgment, a soundness of criticism and a rare of learning which would not disgrace the name of venerable VALLANCEY. Never was there any man who united in a higher degree, the accomplishment, of the gentleman, with the attainments of the scholar.—His polished manners, refined attainments, his easy flow of wit, his classical taste and his profound erudition, rendered his conversation as fascinating as it was instructive. The rare qualities of his heart procured for him the most devoted attachment of relatives and friends, and the affectionate regards of all who knew him. At a period when it is fashionable to be altogether English, this true patriot felt and avowed his ardent attachment to, and decided preference for the country of his birth; he devoted the powers of his comprehensive mind to vindicate the injured character, and to enlighten the disputed History of Ireland.— He dwelt with delight on her wild romantic scenery—he loved the generous, the energenic character of her children: the Irish language to his ears was full of harmony and force, and the songs of her bards ruled his patriotic soul with rapturous emotion—he was indeed an Irishman of Ireland;s purest times. Mr. WALKER was in the 48th year of his age, and breathed his last sigh in the arms of a brother and sister, whose peculiar sorrow equally elude consolation and description.Curious
On Tuesday last, at Vernon's Bridge, Biddy, the wife of Patrick M'QUADE, who was safely delivered of a boy and two girls, who with their mother are likely to do well. The same woman had twins last year, who are also living, and healthy fine children.Curious
Court case Mr CROKER a bakerCurious
Thoephilus BLAKENEY Esq of Abbert, near Athenry, has ordered at Andrew's 100 yards of course (sic) Irish cloth, to make coats for his workmen, this quantity will make fifty coats, and the whole expense is only 32l 10. Thus for so small a sum he has the heartfelt pleasure of making fifty of his people comfortable, and at the same time giving employment to the weavers in the Liberty. We hope soon to see the appearence of the Irish peasantry greatly improved, as what gentlemen will suffer a hard working poor fellow to remain in rags, when he can get him a good new coat for such a trifle as thirteen shillings. —Freeman's JournalCurious
Trial of Cornelius O'BRIEN for the murder of Francis DREW in a duelCurious
LGA1810907NPSNickSMITHWilliamHon Baron Sir
Statement on duelingCurious
The Rev. Wm. LEE, curate of Newport, acknowledges to have received from John EVANS, Esq. for the use of the poor of said parish, £2. 10s. being part of a fine levied by him, for stripping bark of young trees.Curious
LGA1811301NPANickMORANElizabeth (ow NIX)
I caution the public, against giving Credit to my wife Elizabeth MORAN, alias NIX, as I am determined not to pay any Debts she may contract after this Public Notice.
James MORAN.
Tullovin, near Croom, March 28.
I caution the public, against giving Credit to my wife Elizabeth MORAN, alias NIX, as I am determined not to pay any Debts she may contract after this Public Notice.
James MORAN.
Tullovin, near Croom, March 28.
Cork Assizes
This was an action of considerable elucidation to the relation that subsist between landlord and tenant, and the issue manifested that though the former may be the superior he cannot be the tyrant of his tenant. The damages were laid at £2000; and there was a verdict for £500.
Cork Assizes
This was an action of considerable elucidation to the relation that subsist between landlord and tenant, and the issue manifested that though the former may be the superior he cannot be the tyrant of his tenant. The damages were laid at £2000; and there was a verdict for £500.
The late Abraham NEWLAND, whose life had been so respectable as to give death no terrors beyong what human nature must feel at the approach of such an awful crisis, was found, a few hours before he died, by his physician, reading a newspaper. The Doctor expressed his admiration at seeing him possess so much ease and serenity at such a period. "Why," said, Mr. NEWLAND, "as I am about to engage in a journey to another world, for which I have endeavoured to prepare myself, I am willing to take with me the latest intelligence from this.Curious
Yesterday between Messrs. ROCHE's Bankand Shannon-street, Daniel MULVIHILL's Draft on Daniel O'GRADY, of Kildysart, county Clare, accepted at 91 days from the 11th instant.-- Indorsed by Dan. MULVIHILL, Charles MULVIHILL, and T O'BRIEN, for £36. Also John SINGLETON's Note to William WHEELER Jun. at 71 Days from the 10th instant;--Indorsed by W. WHEELER, for £34 2s. 6d.
If found by a respectable Person, it is requested they may be left at any of the Banks, or at the Office of this Paper; if by a poor Person, they shall be handsomely Rewarded by leaving them as above.
They can be of no use to any one as Payment is Stopped. Limerick, June 15.
Armagh Assizes ... Loughlin KENNAN [Laughlin KEENAN in Peter Maybury's convict site], for falsly pretending and affirming that one John MCFARLAN was a deserter, and thereby obtaining from Leonard DOBBIN, Esq. the pro-collector, the sum of one pound. Guilty -- to be transported for seven years.Curious
Cork Assizes ... Frederick MEE, indicted for bigamy. It appearing that he and his wife being protestants were married by a Roman catholic priest, the marriage was, of course, null in the law and he was acquitted. The Judge regretted that the case of criminal prosecution was not excepted by the act, and after a severe reprimand for his disgraceful conduct, ordered to be discharged.Curious
The late Mr. FRANSHAM, of Norwich, who was some time tutor of Mr. WHINDHAM, was so apprehensive of being buried alive, that he repeated and earnestly before his dicease he requested that his body should be laid before a fire, that wine should be offered to his lips, and the arms of a young woman clasped round his neck, before he was given up as unrecoverable.
An occurrence in some degree parallel to the above, happened some years ago,--Richard NEEDHAM, Esq, well known in this city, as commander of the Tarbert Revenue Yacht, who lived to upwards of 90 years of age, was notwithstanding so apprehensive of being buried alive, that he made it a dying request that his head might be cut off before he should be consigned to the tomb, which was complied with by his executors.
On Wednesday a man named William AHERN, against whom information had been sworn about twelve years ago for the murder of Bartholemew HARRINGTON, at Ballinvushig, in the liberties of Cork, was drinking in a house near the Ferry-point, Passage, having returned from England but the day before, when the Rev R LLOYD a Magistrate for the county, who heard of the circumstances on investigating an assult that happened between AHERN's brother and another man, went to the house, attended by Mr John LANCASTER, of Passage, and Mr. LLOYD's servant, and immediately secured him, and on the brother of the deceased, whom Mr. LLOYD sent for at some distance, having identified him, he transmitted him to the Mayor of Cork, under escort from Monkstown barracks, to be fully committed for trial.Curious
Wednesday last Robert GUMBLETON, Esq of Castlerichard, a minor, had his thigh broken by his horse falling under him at Lismore race course.Curious
Roger PALMER, of Palmerstown, in the county Mayo, and of Rush House, in the co. Of Dublin, Esq departed this life in Paris, on the 6th instant, Mr. PALMER's ill state of health compelled him to be for many years an absentee from his native country, and latterly he has been detained a prisoner in France; and his long acquaintance with the Continent, and inoffensive manners, secured him safe residence in any part of Europe.Curious
Thursday morning, aged 71 years, W. FLYN, Esq. formerly proprietor of the Hibernian Chronicle, commenced by him in 1769, under the auspices nd support of the first literary characters of that city.Curious
A fatal testCurious
On January 28th, at Bristol, Hot Wells, after a lingering illness of more than two years continuance, Ann BOWERBANK, aged 26; and on Saturday evening the 9th ult. At the house of her brother T F BOWERBANK, Vicar of Chiswick, Iasbel BOWERBANK, only surviving sister, aged 22, following their youngest brother Edward, aged twenty three, and their sister Mary, aged twenty four, to the grave, within a period of ten months. — the circumstances attending the deaths of these four young persons are very remarkable. — their brother Edward arrived from India; labouring under deep consumption: his sister Mary came to Bristol to see him, at Chiswick, but would not be persuaded of his danger, until she had heard the decided opinions of the medical attendant to an indifferent person, for which purpose she concealed herself behind the curtain. "Now" said she, "I am satisfied — I hope I shall not survive him." She was taken ill next morning and, after twelve days died, preceding the object of her tender solicitude to the grave by exactly a month. – Similar, but more awful, has been the fate of poor Isabel. For several months past it has been her repeated declaration, both by letter and words, that anxious as she might be to have health and strength to administer to the comforts of her lingering sister, yet, as soon as be scene of her suffering should close, life would become indifferent to herself. On the 5th inst. Her sister was buried. On Friday she accompanied her brother to Chiswick, where she arrived without the least fatigue on Saturday. On Sunday, after a few hours of apparently trifling indisposition, from which she appeared to be fast recovering, in the act of making some refreshment, she raised her eyes, and, without least change of feature or posture, immediately expired! — They were four of the six children of the late Rev Edward BOWERBANK, Rector of Croft and Baringham, and Prebendary of Lincoln.Curious
Cork April 2:...
In the city civil court the case of SULLIVAN against TUCKEY for a breach of promise of marriage, occupied the court from four o'clock to nine at night of Friday. It appeared the plaintiff was a servant in the house of the father of defendant, receiving wages of two guineas a year—the young gentleman had just returned from college, and having become deeply enamoured with his fair desdemona, wrote some very loving letters, which did much more credit to the galantry of his heart than the sagacity of his head— it appeared that the birth of a lovely babe was the consequence of the attachment— in consequence of the interference of his friends, the young gentleman was induced to give up all hopes of enjoying Miss SULLIVAN as his bride— but she was determined not to be treated so cavalierly with impunity, and therefore brought her action. Mr Serjeant M'MAHON, in a very able speech maintained the maid was the seducer and the young man seduced but the jury, it seems, thought otherewise, for they returned a verdict of 100 guineas against the defendant
LGA18121023NPSNickVEREKERHon Col
Report on election with list of namesCurious
In the London gazette, we perceive the promotion of William PERRY, to an ensigncy in the 9th foot. This young gentleman, volunteered his services to the Penisula, near twelve months since, and lost an arm on the plains of Salamanca— He is son of James PERRY, Esq. of Clover Hill. in the county ClareCurious
LGA18121027NPSNickSWANWilliam BellinghamMaj
The contest for the borough of Downpatrick was decided in favour of Mr. HAWTHORE, on Monday last— at the final close of the poll he had a majority of 36 over Mr. CROKER. The contest was extremely warm— Major SWAN has been taken into custody, charged with abusing electors; he was, however, immediately bailed for the offence.Curious
A few days since, in the parish of St Peter's, Dublin, under special licence, Mr. William BAGSHAW, (Proprietor of the Grand Menagerie, Lower Sackville-street,) to the amiable and much admired Miss HONYWELL. This lady, a native of New York, North America, astonishes every beholder with her performances, being born without arms.Curious
In Castlefin, county Donegal, on the 19th inst, Mr James M'KEEVER, aged 95 years, to Miss MOORE, of said town, aged 19. The Gentleman is in full possession of all his mental and corporal faculties—he is and active sportsman. He takes great delightCurious
in fishing in the river Finn, near Castlefin; and is a very successful vereran angler.Curious
Sunday morning last, at Maiden Hall, near Charleville, Mrs Susanna HUNT, wife of Samuel HUNT, Esq.—Her death is a source of inconsolable anguish to her family and friends, having in her 27th year of her age left an affectionate husband and nine young children to bemoan the loss of a fond wife and tender parentCurious
The mountain road between Lismore and Clogheen still continues to be more or less infested with a gang of robbers. On Saturday last, a transaction of rather serio-comic nature took place in the same district: As Mr CHANDLEE of Clogheen was returning to the latter place from Lismore, he was stopped on the mountain by four marauders, armed with a blunderbuss and pistols, and deseried to deliver his money. Two of the fellows stepped up to sieze the bridle of his horse. Mr CHANDLEE, fearing if they got hold of him they would ill treat him, cried out – "take care of the horse he'll bite you". The fellows drew back for an instant, and Mr CHANDERLEE taking advantage of the circumstances put spirs to his horse and galloped off triumphantly; and although the robbers discharged two shots after him, he fortunately escaped without receiving any injuryCurious
Mass resignation Costlea CavalryCurious
In Newry, Mr Henry CAIN, ages eighty-four, to the very agreeable, Mrs MAXWELL, of Clark's Bridge, aged ninety-six. This is the sixth wife the happy bridegroom has married, and the ninth husband to whom the amiable bride has been joined in wedlock.Curious
On the 14th inst, in the 86th year of his age, Mr Samuel MAY, of Newry, Merchant. It is a remarkable circumstance, that about 1750 this gentleman and five of his acquaintances, then in their prime of youth, were in the habit of amusing themselves, by ringing at stated times, peals on the bells of the cathedral church of Armagh (in which parish his uncle was then the officiating clergyman). Three persons out of the six, who them formed this ringing society, were alive last Thursday morning, viz Samuel MAY, John BARNES Esq of London and Mr John RICHARDSON of Armagh. It very rarely occurs, that out of a given number of adults one half is to be found after a period of sixty-four years.Curious
Wednesday, Lieutenant Colonel O'DONNELLL, of Hon East India Company's service, and late of this city, arrived in town from India, after an absence of thirty yearsCurious
A few nights back, a field, belonging to Mr. WEEKS, a farmer, near Bruff, was turned up and on Sunday night, his dairyman's house was broke open, some of his family flogged, and the furniture destroyed— Messrs BEVAN and LEAKE, Magistrates of this county, with a party of the 16th foot on Wednesday, collected the workmen in that neighbourhood, and compelled them to replace the sods, and level the field again, much against their inclination.Curious
Degrading Sir Eyre COOTE from the Order of BathCurious
At Konctopher Church, William LEE, of Callen, Esq. to Mrs READE, relict of the late Richard READE, of Rosemore, Esq. on which occasion Mr. LEE gave a donation of ten guineas unto the Poor of the ParishCurious
A worthy merchant of Cork (D CALLAGHAN Esq)on Christmas Day last, liberated six poor debtors from the gaol of that city—selecting those who had the largest families; and distributed near five tons of beef amongst the charitable institutions of CorkCurious
Mail times for mail from Limerick to CorkCurious
At Athleague, county Roscommon, Mrs WALDRON, wife of Mr. Thomas WALDRON, merchant — She was sister to Major JORDAN, who died in Jamaica, some time ago — Niece to Colonel BROWN, who was killed at the Havannah— and grand neice to Field Marshall BROWN, who died at ViennaCurious
In London, Major General Wm. M'CULLOCH, of the Hon East India Company's Bengal Army. He was a native of Strabane, in Ireland, and brother to James M'CULLOCH, Esq. of Cork. By his death, his brother, and other relatives come in for a funded property of £40,000 sterling.Curious
LGA18171202NPSNickHENRYJohn (a Black)
Friday last, the following convicts were sent off from our jail for Cork, thence to be transported to Botany Bay— Thomas RIEDY, for assulting a dwelling house; John HENRY, (a black) for horse stealing; Michael HASSETT, and Michael M'MAHON for burglary. There yet remains fourteen persons under sentence of transportation in the County and City jails. [Note Peter Mayberry's database has John HENEY transported on the Earl St Vincent (1) native of West Indies born 1798 arriving in 1818 for a life sentence]Curious
On Saturday night, about to o'clock, a poor man, named Patrick BRIEN, on his return home from this City, after receiving his wages, and unfortunately getting intoxicated, fell into the Canal and was drowned. His friends, on Sunday, dragged between the two bridges for him— after a considerable search, his hat was discovered close to the bank, and shortly after his body was taken up, in the presence of several of his friends and his wretched wife, whose cries rent the air.Curious
In the Cathedral of Armagh, Job NEAL, to Mary SMITH, daughter to P. and Mary SMITH, both blind beggars. The father gave away the bride, and the mother gave Job NEAL £50 and said she would have doubled it, did she not fear the regulations lately made in that city would spoil her trade.Curious
Ennis Assizes
  John GRIFFITH was executed on Saturday within about a mile of Newmarket, on the Limerick side, & quite convenient to the spot where he committed the robbery for which he suffered. A very unpleasant circumstance occured through the bungling of the Executioner, who left so great a length of rope, that when the cart was drawn away, the toes of the unfortunate culprit reached the ground, sustaining a portion of his weight, and thereby prolonging his sufferings. In this situation, painful in the extreme to the beholders, the ill-fated wretch had continued until a spade was procured, and the earth immediately under hif feet sufficiently removed. He was a strong athletic man in the 25th year of his age, and met his fate with much firmness and becoming devotion.
On Saturday, at his house on Sullivan's Quay, Cork, in the 90th year of his age, Edward MOLLOY, Esq. originally descended od a respectable family, in the King's county. At an early period he quitted his country, and established his residence in Oporto, where he carried on an extensive trade, realizes a large fortune, and lived for fifty years, in opulence and esteem.Curious
On the 22d December, in very obscure lodgings in Chelsea, Capt WOLF a descendant of the late Lord Kilwarden. The Captain though various disappointments in life, had cantracted habits of great excentricity; he could not endure the presence of any human being. He had left extensive property, which it is understood, goes to a nephew who has for some years belonged to a company of strolling playersCurious
A woman named Mary QUIN who lives on the Dublin Road, within a mile of this town [Newry], was lately left a widow by her husband Patrick QUIN, who died about two months ago. Fourteen days after his decease, she was brought to bed and safely delivered of a daughter, which has since died. One month after this event she concoled herself by taking another husband. Thus in the course of six eventful weeks she has lost a husband, was delivered of a child, lost the babe and got another husband - Newry PaperCurious
On Saturday last, at Comlough, near Newry, by the Rev Peter MALONE, Mr Roger MAGUIRE blacksmith, aged 68, to Miss Mary Ann Maria BRADY, aged 18. The bridegroom has laboured under severe bodily affliction for some time, and has been a disconsolate widower since the 17th of July lastCurious
Public nuisance — Canal bathingCurious
Trial for assaultCurious
FJ18191112NPDNickBURKEAlicia (nee KELLY)Mrs
On the 18th ult, near the Circular Road, where she went to reside for the benefit of her health, Alicia BURKE, aged 88, relict of the lateTheobald BURKE, many years of this city merchant. She was the eldest daughter of the late John KELLY, merchant and brewer, and sister of the late Charles KELLY of Kilbeggan, co Westmeath, who lately died in his 74th year. He was linearly descended from an ancient family of that name, at Aughrim, in the co Galway, one of the most respectable in this kingdom, who highly distinguished themselves for talents and wisdom as Statesmen, and for loyalty, valour, and attachment to their Soverigns, Charles the First and Second, and James the Second, many of whom long ranked high in the Senate and the Army. He served several years as Captain in the Hungarian service. He was third cousin to the late Viscount Fitzwilliam, and the late Lord Wesport and was related to many of the ancient Nobility of this kingdom. James KELLY, of thus City for many years merchant in Abbey street and Sackville street, was his second cousin. He was ever found a convivial and safe companion, and illed as he lived, an honest man. Mrs BOURKE having but one son, who died unmarried, a Lieutenatn in the Militia, and one daughter, who married Mr BARNWALL of co Meath, and lately died without issue, bequethed which property she possed to nephews and nieces, by her said brothers Charles and Mark, and her sister KNERSBOROUGH. She was interred in her father's family burial ground, inside the church, Balliboughall, co DublinCurious
Inquest into the death of the Rev John MULQUEENCurious
We also feel regret in announcing, that yesterday morning, Charlotte, daughter of Richard WILSON, Esq. near this city, a young lady aged 20 years, immediately after breakfast, proceeded with a loaded pistol, taken from the arms kept for the protection of the house, to an upper room, inside where her sister lay ill, and melancholy to state, discharged the contents through her breast. No reason whatever can be assigned for committing this rash act. An inquest held on the body, yesterday---Verdict, insanityCurious
Singing about lifeCurious
LGA1820307NPSNickGOGGINHenry H
Letter from Santa CruzCurious
Those accused of the murder of the Rev John MULQUINYCurious
A girl, ten years of age, Mary WOOD, was tried in Dublin, for setting fire to her master's house, &c. She was acquitted on the score of accident.Curious
Yesterday evening, in Ennis jail, by the Rev. Charles HEALY, Patrick POWER, Esq. of Ballyduff, to Miss Mary O'DONNELL, daughter of Mr. J O'DONNELL, county Clare. The bridegrom has just completed his 60th year, and the bride entered her fourteenth.Curious
FJ1820408NPDNickFORTESCUEChichesterRear Adm Sir
Lately at Cullenswood, near Dublin, in the 70th year of his age, Rear Admiral Sir Chichester FORTESCUE, Knt, Ulster King of Arms. He was third son of Chichester FORTECUE of Dromisken, in the co Louth, Esq by the Hon Elizabeth WELLESLEY, sister of the first Earl of Mornington, and aunt to Marquis Wellesley and the Duke of Wellington. He was appointed Captain in the Navy, Nov. 2, 1780, and retired as a Rear Admiral, March, 5, 1799. He succeeded his brother Gerald FORTESCUE, Esq as King of Arms 31st January 1788. By his decease, compensation annuities amounting to £1021 5s (besides his pay as a Rear Admiral), reverts to the public purse. Sir William BETHAM, who has for many years acted as Deputy King of Arms, is now Ulster Principal King of Arms: his succession to that dignity on the demise of Sir C FORTESCUE, the late King, was not a matter of course, the Deputy being by no means Heir Apparent; but the honour was conferred upon him by his excellency the Lord Lieutenant, as a mark of special favour, in testamony of the appoving sense entertained by Government of the efficient manner in which he has hitherto discharged the duties of the office. All who know Sir William BETHAM, and how much the Office of Arms is indebted to his exertions, will appaud the descernment of his Excellency in bestowing the dignity of King of Arms, upon a Gentleman so well calculated to fill the station with honour to himself and advantage to the public.Curious
Execution of those convicted of robbing John LEOCurious
Robbery near BruffCurious
From the liberality of Mrs. LOWE, relict of the late Hamilton LOWE, Esq. amd W LATHAM, Esq. of Fetard, the celebrated Augustinean Monastery of that town has been placed in the possession of the Rev. Thomas CONDON, Prior of the Convent. This monument of ancient architecture has long been a subject of curiosity as the cemetery of some of the most illustrious families of Ireland.Curious
Family dispute HARTNETT HIGGINSCurious
This morning, by the Rev. Mr. PENNEFATHER, at Castle Connell Church, Sir John Allen DE BOURGE, Bart. to Miss WALLER, daughter og Richard WALLER, of Castle Waller, co. Tipperary. Immediately after the ceremony, the horses were taken from the carriage, and the happy couple were drawn from the church to Mrs. WALLER's lodge in Castle Connell, and thence to Sir John's seat, Prospect, by thousands of persons, all emulous to prove their respect, esteem, and joy at the Baronet's happiness and that of his fair bride.Curious
Committals -- By Robert SMITHWICK, Esq. to the County Gaol, John SYMES, charged with seducing the wife of John BOLES, and taking from her 6 guineasCurious
Committed: ... By R. SMITHWICK, Esq. Garret SYMES, for threatening the life of John BOLESCurious
On the 19th of July, at Killensule, in the co of Tipperary, Francis WALSH, apprentice to his uncle Thomas WALSH of Callen, in the co Kilkenny, sadler. It is singular that while the master was in Dublin negotiating for the benefit of the boy a legacy left him lately by his reputed father, Francis WALSH, who died in Charlestown, South Carolina, as his illegitimate son, the mother prevailed on the apprentice to quit his master's service, whom she took to the above place, where he died of a fever in a few days and the legacy by the will reverts to the children of his masterCurious
Execution of Simon BROWNECurious
On Thursday morning, at 5 o'clock, some disorderly persons knocked up the servant of Mr. COLLOPY, at Ballyseeda, and informed him that they were aware that his Master used a plough in turning potatoes, in place of employing them or their friends as labourers, and threatened if Mr. COLLOPY did not desist from the practice, they would return and leave him a corpse.Curious
Yesterday, in Rutland Street, aged 78 years, very mucj lamented, Mrs. UNTHANK, relict of the late Benjamin UNTHANK, Esq. and mother of Mrs. TORRANCE, whose horrid murder hastened the disolution of a beloved parent fron this scene of trial.Curious
LC1821922NPDNickCONNELLJohn ShadwellField-Mar
At Rio de Janero, aged 77, Field Marshal John Shadwell CONNOR, Counsellor of War,. He entered the Portugese service as Captain, in 1763, with leave, being then a Lieut, in the British Army.Curious
On Friday night, four in-calf cows, the property of Mr. WALL, Apothecary, of Doneraile, were shot, and seven tons of hay burned near that town. Mr. WALL was present when Surgeon CHAMBERS, 22d Regiment, amputated HICKIE, the insurgent's arm, which is supposed to be the cause of such an outrage on his property.Curious
Isabel St. Albe, the popular novel by Miss [M. G. T.] CRUMPE, of Limerick, has met with such distinguished succes, that the entire impression of the first edition is sold. A second edition is preparing with all speed in Edinburgh.Curious
This day, Mr. BLACKER held a session under the Insurrection Act in the City Court, when John MAHER was put on his trial, charged with being an idle and disorderly person, having been found skulking on the high road near the Artilery Barrack, at an unseasonable hour on the 27th of June last. This wwas the person who robbed the Nunnery Chapel some time since of a silver cup, but for want of prosecution on that charge, was liberated. He stated in his defence to account for his being found out, that he had been denounced by the Clergy; that no person would permit him into a dwelling-house; and that, in consequence, he was obliged to sleep in a lime-kiln convenient to where he was taken. Mr. BLACKBOURNE said his case did not come within the meaning of the Act, not having a known place of residence, and he was ordered to be discharged. The Court then adjourned and the Learned Counsel set out for Dublin.Curious
This day, Mr. BLACKER held a session under the Insurrection Act in the City Court, when John MAHER was put on his trial, charged with being an idle and disorderly person, having been found skulking on the high road near the Artilery Barrack, at an unseasonable hour on the 27th of June last. This wwas the person who robbed the Nunnery Chapel some time since of a silver cup, but for want of prosecution on that charge, was liberated. He stated in his defence to account for his being found out, that he had been denounced by the Clergy; that no person would permit him into a dwelling-house; and that, in consequence, he was obliged to sleep in a lime-kiln convenient to where he was taken. Mr. BLACKBOURNE said his case did not come within the meaning of the Act, not having a known place of residence, and he was ordered to be discharged. The Court then adjourned and the Learned Counsel set out for Dublin.Curious
LC1823802NPSNickVERECKERCharlesViscount Gort
The Corporation of this City have requested Lord Viscount Gort to sit for his Protrait, which is to be placed in the Council Room at the Exchange, as a mark of respect, and to perpetuate his successful exertions in defending the rights of the Corporation.Curious
At the Sessions under the Insurrection Act, held at Cork, on Wednesday, Catherine WELSH, a decent-looking female, was tried for administering an unlawful oath, and threatening Mrs. DUNLAY with destruction, if she did not discharge a pensioner, who lived in her house. John LONG was also tried for being absent from his dwelling the night the Dripsey Mills were attacked. They were both convicted, and sentenced to seven years transportation.Curious
Female Cricketers — Monday, a singular match of cricket was played at Bockland, in Kent, between ten married men and ten single women employed in the paper mill. The match was contested with uncommon spirit on both sides, the single women beating by about twenty runs, in the last innings the women got 113 runs. Afterwards the party adjourned to the Cherry Tree where supper, to be paid for by the losers was sumptuously served up. After the cloth was remove, the buxom party joined in a merry dance till a late hourCurious
A diary of weather for August, 1823,
Thermometer —Highest, 72.—Lowest, 41.
Barometer —Highest, 30.10. —Lowest, 29.30.
Weather— Sunshine, cloudy, and rain, more or less, every day this month.
Wind in general —S. W. — W. — N. W.
Quantity of rain, 1 inch 7 tenths.
On the 1st instant, at his seat, White-Hill, in the County of Longford, Alexander SLATOR, Esq, 35 years a lunatic under the guardianship of the Court of Chancery. The savings of his estate during that period have accumulated to a large amount – dying without issue, this sum will go amongst his nearest relatives, and his estates will descend to his nephew, henry Bevan WILSON, Esq. of Belville, county of Meath.Curious
LC18231112NPDNickWILSONHenry BevanEsq
On the 1st instant, at his seat, White-Hill, in the County of Longford, Alexander SLATOR, Esq, 35 years a lunatic under the guardianship of the Court of Chancery. The savings of his estate during that period have accumulated to a large amount – dying without issue, this sum will go amongst his nearest relatives, and his estates will descend to his nephew, Henry Bevan WILSON, Esq. of Belville, county of Meath.Curious
Court in Irons
Dwyer v. Peacock.
In noticing the arguments which been used some time since in this case, it was it erroneously stated that they arose out of a replevla cause; whereas the following is a more correct detail of the previous proceedings and at the final judgment which was on Friday pronounced in this Court:
It was an action of trespass tried before Baron Pennefather at the last Limerick Assizes. The plaintiff was tenant to a Mr. Ellard, to whom the defendant (a Clergyman) was agent, and an arrear of rent having become due, Mr. Ellard brought an ejectment for non-payment of rent, recovered judgment, and executed his habere; but after obtaining judgment, and previous to execution of the habere, defendant by directions of Mt. Ellard, distrained and sold hay, potatoes, and corn, notwithstanding a cautionary notice from plaintiff. Defendant pleaded soil and freehold; and the general issue, and the Jury found for the defendant. At the trial the following points were saved for the plaintiff, and came on to be argued is this Court on Thursday and Friday last:—1st, that the town of Pallis, where the goods were sold, was not a market town, either by prescription or charter, as required by the Statute. Secondly, That defendant could not legally distrain after judgement and previous to execution of the habere. And, lastly, that the sale was had contrary to laws after fifteen days from data of distraint had expired.
Upon the argument plaintiff's Counsel abandoned the third point; as plaintiff had acquiesced in the delay.
The Chief Justice gave judgment at length upon the two points argued.
The first point, that respecting the market town, the Court over-ruled, as the plaintiff had acquiesced in the sale at the town of Pallis.— The second point, 'that the landlord could not legally distrain after judgment, and previous to execution of habere, was (his Lordship said) to he decided by either of two tests, viz.—That if the lease had not determined, and the plaintiff tenant in possession, then the landlord had his statuteable right to distrain under 5 Geo. 2; and if the lease had determined, then the landlord, by the 9th Anne, was authorised to distrain within six months after the lease had expired; and therefore the Court over-ruled all the points and confirmed the verdict for the defendant.
John O'BRIEN, a blacksmith, was tried, and after a long and patient investigation, found guilty of being absent from his place of abode, at Ballybrown, in this County, on the night of the 20th December last. Mr. BLACKBOURNE passed sentence of transportation for seven years on the prisoner -- whose demeanour at the conclusion, was marked by the most daring hardihood, and betrayed a perfect indifference as to his fate.Curious
[Report of trial long] John O'BRIEN sworn and examined -- Witness is father to the prisonerCurious
We hear it is in contemplation to establish a Library in this city, exclusively for the use of the Clergy of the Diocese --- In England, Clerical Libraries are to be met within almost every Bishoprick.Curious
Thursday morning, the body of Eliza ARMSTRONG, an interesting looking girl, between 17 and 18 years, daughter of a shoemaker, in Pennywell, was found in the Canal. The Mayor immediately after held an Inquest on the body, when it appeared that she received some admonitions for being in company with a married man in the neighbourhood, whose wife was not one of those unsuspicious beings that look with indifference on the alluring and out-rivalling charms of youth. The deceased being unable to bear the rebuke, or the more pointed observations of "The Jealous Wife," threw herself into the Canal, on Tuesday night. The Mayor having examined several witnesses on Thursday, resumed the inquiry yesterday, and at a late hour in the evening the Jury returned the following verdict :---"Found drowned on Thursday, in the Canal, into which she had thrown herself, on Tuesday last."Curious
The ship Prince Regent, with convicts, for Botany Bay, sailed on Saturday [14 Feb] from CorkCurious
On Saturday, at Tarbert, Lawrence DURACK, Esq. of this city.Curious
Yesterday, the body of Mr. Oliver MORRIS, millwright, of Clonmel, was found at Little Kilrush, in the North Liberties, where it was washed in by the flood on that morning. It appeared by an Inquest held by the Mayor, that the deceased was blown by the storm into the river, near the City Gaol, on New Year's night. His money and papers, which he had at the time of the misfortune, were got in his possession, and handed to his family.Curious
James LYSAGHT, the principal in the abduction of Margaret CONNELL, of Ballyvoulane, was arrested in London, on Friday, under warrant of the Police Magistrate, and is on his way to be tried at the ensuing assizes ofthe County of LimerickCurious
On Wednesday, Eliza LEE, resinding in Mary-street, was found dead in her bed, to which she had retired at an early hour that morning, in a state of intoxication. The Mayor held an inquest on the body, when it appeared that the unfortunate woman (whose profession was that ofd seducing femmales from the path of virtue,) continued in a state of inebriation the entire of Tuesday, and that her death was caused by the bursting of a blood-vessel—her wicked associates were so horrified with the sudden demise of their matron, that theyall have abandoned the state of wretchedness they were in, and have been received into the House of Industry.Curious
Francis M'DONOUGH, of Galway, fell out of a sloop at Tarbet, on Sunday, in a state of intoxication, and was drownedCurious
On Sunday seven young people were amusing themselves in a cot on the Shannon at the head of the Canal, two boys began to box on board, when the cot was upset by which all on board were plunged into the water, and, frightful to relate, Matt M'NAMARA of Mary-street, and Mary O'MEARA, were drowned --- the former 22, and the latter 18 years of age. The Mayor held an inquest on the bodies --- Verdict--- Accidentally drowned.Curious
By directions of Sir Charles COOTE and at his expense, ninety of the poor inhabitants of Mountrath have been employed daily in public works since the commencement of the scarcity.Curious
On Saturday last at Cove, where she bad been for the benefit of her health, Mary Knight, relict of the late Christopher Knight, Esq. of Knight-Lodge, in the Co Cork. Few have, descended to the grave so sincerely and universally regretted as this amiable Lady. Gifted by nature with a heart, which benevolence might call her own, and ever under the guidance of religion's mild and benevolent spirit, she endeared herself to all who knew her.— She was tenderly and fondly loved by her family whom her death has plunged into the deepest affliction, and many a friend will drop a tear when it is told that she is on more. But those who are mourning her loss, will rob affliction of much of its sting, by reflecting on the happy state to which a merciful Redeemer has raised her as the reward of her unaffected piety and extensive but unostentatious Charities. Yes, when those who needed not her assistance will forget her, she will live in the recollections of the poor, her memory is embalmed in the grateful hearts of the hungry, the naked and the houseless.Curious
At the Court of Petty Sessions, this day — present, the Mayor, Sir C. MARRETT, and William ROCHE, Esq. The only case that appeared for investigation was that of a man named John MEAGHER, who was found at an unseasonable hour, last night, in the Convent of St. Clare.— This unfortunate creature was examined by the bench, and voluntarily made the followning statement:— That he was a blacksmith by trade; admitted scaling the Nunnery wall, and that his sole object in getting into the premises was the hope of being transported; that he was excommunicated about 15 months ago (for stealing a silver chalice out of the Convent Chapel,) since which period he has been refused employment everywhere he applied; is reduced to the most extreme distress; has not been suffered to enter any house; lives by begging a few potatoes and is obliged to roast them in a lime-kiln; no one, not even his brother, would know him or hold community with him; is almost in a state of nakedness and actually starving from want and misery; transportation would be a relief for him.
  This singular and lamentable detail made a considerable impression on the Court: the unfortunate wretch was truly an object of pity. The porter of the Nunnery, William O'MEALY, then swore informations against him, and he was committed to stand trial at the ensuing assizes.
  The Mayor observed, that if the prosecution failed, he might be indicted as a vagrant, and thus his wished would be accomplished.
In Dublin, Catherine, relict of Captain O'MEARA, and mother to Barry O'MEARA, Esq. Surgeon to NalpoleonCurious
Printed returns of the names of the townlands, parishes, &c. County Galway, have this week been distributed by the treasurer to the landholders.Curious
At Enniscorthy, on Friday, the 27th ult. Charles DAVIS, who was piked, buried, and arose again on the following day on Vinegar Hill, in 17898. See Sir Richard MUSGRAVE's History.Curious
At Enniscorthy, on Friday, the 27th ult. Charles DAVIS, who was piked, buried, and arose again on the following day on Vinegar Hill, in 17898. See Sir Richard MUSGRAVE's History.Curious
LC18241027NPDNickBOSCHJohn LouisEsq
At his residence near Utrecht, in the Netherlands, aged 71 years, John Louis BOSCH, Esq. senior Admiral of the Netherland Fleet, and son-in-law of the late Edward JAMESON, Esq. of CorkCurious
At Corfu, Captain HOLMES, 90th Light Infantry, to Amelia, eldest daughter of Sir Patrick ROSSCurious
In Aungier-street, Dublin, Mr. Patrick BARRETT, aged eighty-eight years, fifty-four of which were spent a a Comedian on the Irish Stage.Curious
On Monday, in Waterford, after a severe illness induced by professional disappointments, Signor RIVOLTS, lately a resident of this city, and an eminent vocal and instrumental performerCurious
At the Cork Sessions on Thursday, One Farthing Damages were awarded to John GESS, a drunken waiter, who was assaulted by Mr. George EDWARDS, at the last Harmonic Club.Curious
On Sunday last, two factions met in the neighbourhood of Fedamore, at a hurling match; a dispute arose, and a fight commenced, the result of which is as follows:-- John NASH, sice dead; John HEHIR, concussion of the brain; Patrick HEHIR, skull most desparately fractured, and which was trepanned yesterday by Surgeon FRANKLIN, jun.; Michael MURPHY, concussion of the brain--besided many others severely injured. An inquest was on Monday held by James BENNETT, Esq. Coroner, on the body of John NASH, when the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter.Curious
On Saturday last, a young girl, Catherine MCCARTHY, was rolled over by a car in John-street, and killed on the spot. An inquest was hels, and a verdict of accidental death returned, but a fine of 20s. was levied on the horse and car, and given to the mother of the child.Curious
Mr. RYLAND, of Sackville Street, Dublin, hotel-keeper, aged 95, to Miss Catherine FRITH, aged 17.Curious
A wanton and barbarous outrage was committed on Sunday last, on the person of an elderly man of the name NELIGAN, in the neighbourhoos of Listowel, at one of those goal matches which usually disgrace the Sabbath and frequently terminate so fatally. He was a spectator on this occasion from a short distance, when four or five of the contending party approached and struck him with hurlies on the head—he fell and was trampled on, while blows were repeated with pitchforks, until death put an end to his sufferings. The only possible pretence that can be assigned for this murder is, that he was unfortunately connected with a party against whom his assailants cherished a hostile feeling or grudge from some old encounter.Curious
The following persons, natives of Ireland, died from the heat of the weather at New-York in July:—Charles QUIN. Patrick KEATON, William PATTON, John MEIGHIN, Francis DUFFY, Andrew KELLY, John RILEY, Edward BRODERICK, Wm. LONG, Patrick WELSH, Ellen RICHARDS, Wm. PATTERSON, Joseph DWYERCurious
Awful and Extraordinary Occurrence!--On Saturday last, a man named Patrick CONNELL, who was much attached to the Rev. Mr. RYAN, P. P. of Knocklong, who died on Thursday preceding, in whose service he had been for some years, was assisting in removing the Corpse to the Chapel, in a paroxysm of grief, upbraided the deceased "for going without him." He suddenly fell down and exclaimed "I have got my answer," and instantly expired. His remains accompanied those of Mr. RYAN to the Grave-yard of Knocklong, but were not interred until the following day.Curious
Committed, by the Mayor, to the City Jail, on Monday, Mary FLYNN, for seducing Ellen HARRIGAN, a child, between ten and eleven years, to rob her father, William HARRIGAN, and which money she received knowing the same to be stolen.Curious
Committed, by the Mayor, to the City Jail, on Monday, Mary FLYNN, for seducing Ellen HARRIGAN, a child, between ten and eleven years, to rob her father, William HARRIGAN, and which money she received knowing the same to be stolen.Curious
Committed, by the Mayor, to the City Jail, on Monday, Mary FLYNN, for seducing Ellen HARRIGAN, a child, between ten and eleven years, to rob her father, William HARRIGAN, and which money she received knowing the same to be stolen.Curious
Samuel MATTHEWS, a young man, had his leg fractured yesterday, by a barrel which he was lowering into a cellar, in Mary SreetCurious
Quarter sessions
John GRADY, for assaulting Ellen GRADY, his wife, was not proseucuted, but a very aggravated prima facie case being made out against him, was ordered to find bail to keep the peace for seven years, and to stand committed until securities were entered into before the mayor.
It is consoling to the friends of Lieutenant CLOSE and Mis GRUBB to find that, instead of being murdered, as generally believed, they have ben united in the bonds of matrimony by the Harmonious Blacksmith at Gretna Green.Curious
On the night of the 14th instant a gang of fellows came to the house of the widow WOLFE, of Keale, near Athea, in this county, for the purpose of taking her daughter away: and; after breaking in the door and windows, succeeded in taking the girl off, and fires several shots on their departure. They beat the mother and brother of the young woman in a most inhumane manner, her mother received a desparate cut of a sword over the eye; some of the girl's neighbours, on hearing the shot, instantly followed the fellows, and succeeded in rescuing the young woman.Curious
In the County Court [Cork] yesterday, William CARTER, a military pensioner, with the loss of an arm, was convicted of robbing John LESLIE, Esq. near Skibbereen, and sentenced to seven years' transportation.Curious
On Saturday, two coopers, Peter MORAN and George CROWLEY, had a dispute in Waterfors, when the latter threw a hoyle, a sharp instrument used in the trade, at the former, which struck him in the thigh, and wounded him so deeply that he bled to death in a very short time.Curious
Cork Assizes ... William CARTER, a pensioner, from the 89th Regiment, for robbing John LESLIE, Esq.—to be transported for seven years.Curious
Cork Assizes ... William CARTER, a pensioner, from the 89th Regiment, for robbing John LESLIE, Esq.—to be transported for seven years.Curious
In the Recorder's Court of Cork, on Thursday, R. LONGFIELD, Esq. son of Colonel LONGFIELD, of Mallow, brought an action against Mr. R. E. BOOTIMAN, Veterinary Surgeon, for the value of a fine horse placed under his care, and which the defendant alleged had died, though he had not returned the skin. Damages were laid at 200l. The evidence howerer satisfied the Jury that the horse had died, and a verdict was returned for Mr. BOOTIMAN, but each to pay his own costs.Curious
Yesterday, John SHANAHAN, a boy, fell from a part of the Old Town Wall, near King's Island, and was so severely injured in the leg, that amputation was deemed necessary.Curious
FJ1826802NPBNickWOLSEYRev Dr
In Stanhope Street, on the 28th ult, the Lady of the Rev Dr WOLSEY of a son, who is now about 48 hours old, and his eldest so many years [ie 48 years]. The Doctor is 75 years old in good health, his lady young and beautiful.Curious
At the Recorder's Court of Cork, on Monday, Colonel Francis R. WEST, barrack-master, of that City, was tried for an assault on Margaret WHITE. The prosecutrix deposed that she was selling tin ware in the officers' rooms, when the traverser came up, kicked her in the stomach, and turned her out of the building. It was proved that he kicked her subsequently more than once in the barrack yard, and was addressed by a soldier of the 3d Dragoon Guards, who told him his conduct was shameful. The Jury found the Colonel guilty, and he was fined by order of the Court 1s. and directed to pay the prosecurtix 1l. expenses.Curious
At Riddlestown, in this County, in his 84th year, John FINNAN, the celebrated sportsman--two days before his death the veteran hunted in the mountains of the neighbourhood.Curious
Always pleased to see any improvemeny in the public buildings of our native City, more especially in places of religious worship, it is with much gratification we have observed a Screen in the Gothic stile, at the Altar of the Cathedral of St. Mary's, lately erected at the sole expence of the Lord Bishop of Limerick. The design is so chaste, the workmanship so correct, and the whole so calculated for the venerable pile in which it is placed, as must excite general approbation. The Architects are the Messrs. PAINCurious
The military survey of Ireland is making great progress. The greater part of the Counties of Derry and Antrim and finished, and will shortly be published in parish maps of six inches to the mile. As it is the intention of the Government that the military survey should be combined with a naval one of the coast, which is to commence next summer, the whole strength of the military corps employed will next commence at Donegal. Thus in ywo years three counties will be complete, and a correct delineation given of the sea coast extending from Sligo Bat to Belfast Lough; one on which there are many lives and property lost, is not to be found in equal extent along the coast of the British Isles.Curious
Grapes in the open air, upon a naked wall, are now in the garden of Eyre EVANS, of Ash-hill, in this County, Esq. from the unusual warmth of the atmosphere at this season.Curious
On Monday, Denis M'DONNELL and William SCANNELL, Coopers of Cork, were convicted before the Mayor of that City, in a penalty amounting to £10, for making up 20 butter firkins of green unseasoned timber. 3d Geo. 4. chap 85, levies a fine of 10s. each firkin so manufactured.Curious
On Monday, Denis M'DONNELL and William SCANNELL, Coopers of Cork, were convicted before the Mayor of that City, in a penalty amounting to £10, for making up 20 butter firkins of green unseasoned timber. 3d Geo. 4. chap 85, levies a fine of 10s. each firkin so manufactured.Curious
On Saturday morning, Cornelius HYDE was detected robbing the Botanic gardens in connexion with the Royal Cork Institution, of some valuable plants in the hot-house. The poacher was fired at by Mr. J. DRUMMOND, the guardian of the premises, and unfortunately the shot proved fatal. A verdict was given that the deceased was shot by Mr. DRUMMOND in defence of his property.Curious
Thursday morning, Robert WILSON, mate of the brig William of Saltcoats, died in Dublin Harbour. The circumstances attending the case are singular, the mate was turning a porter ashore whom he detected stealing coals, in the struggle, the fellow bit the mate in the arm, an inflammation ensued which extended rapidly to the breast, and death, preceded by a fever, was the ultimate consequence.Curious
Mr. John CAMPBELL, of Derraleck, near, Enniskillen, aged nearly 80 years, to Miss Mary MAGUIRE, aged 18, the nuptials were celebrated exactly eleven days after the death of his former wife, with whom he had lived in a most affectionate manner for nearly 50 years.Curious
LC1827321NPSNickREALEllen (nee MANGANE)
   Dominick Joyce, Patrick Molony, and John Molony, were indicted for the abduction of Ellen Mangane, with intent that Thomas Joyce forcibly marry the said Ellen Mangane—and also for stealing 30s, the property of Thomas Mangane.
   Thomas Mangane proved that his house was broken into on the night of the 16th of January last, by an armed party, his niece forcibly taken away out of her bed, and one of his drawers broken and a thirty shilling bank note taken thereout; Patrick Molony missed fire at him with a pistol, identified him and Dominick Joyce ; the girl was not more than six it teen years' old, and is since well married.
   Margaret Mangane confirmed the evidence of her husband, and identified John Molony; Ellen Mangane alias Real, a very comely and interesting young woman, corroborated the testimony of her relations; she was carried off from her bed by Thomas Joyce, who is not taken, and others whom she did not know; did not see Dominick Joyce or John MoIony, among the party.
   Thomas Butler, Policeman, proved seeing Patrick Molony at his house in bed the night of the outrage. The prisoners received a good distract for sobriety and industry and the Jury acquitted them.
Limerick Assizes ...
Thomas LEAHY, for stealing at Kilfinan, 2s. 6d. from James BOHAN, and 2s. 6d. from Timothy HALL. It appeared in evidence on the prosecution, that the sums were received as gratuities, and the prisoner as acquitted on the instant. His Lordship said there was as much cause for indicting himself for the felony, as the accused person, and expressed his displeasure that informations should have been taken without due investigation at Petty Sessions. The prisoner was in custody since December last.
Yesterday, the Mayor held another inquest on the body of Denis M'NAMARA, a pedlar, who died of intoxication. It appeared this wretched being had swallowed on the day of his death eighteen glases of whiskey, and two pints of porter!--Verdict accordinglyCurious
LC1827414NPSNickHOGANEdmond, John, Mathew and Michael
The four HOGANs found guilty on Friday, at the Clonmel Assizes, of the manslaughter of Charles MCCARTHY at the fair of Kilfeacle, last July, were conveyed next day to the hulks at Cove, for transportation for life. This Mr. Sergeant BLACKBURNE pledged himself to effect, after their sentence was passed. They were of a very respectable class of farmers, but unfortunately for themselves and their families they were leaders of a faction, which has been in existance these sixty years. Their sudden departure, amidst the lamentations of their numerous relatives and friends, was truly deplorable.Curious
On Sunday, three men, who came in a cot from Doonas to the County Limerick side of the Shannon, returning in the evening, were observed to be in such a state as to be unable to manage the helm, when one, named WHELAN, fell overboard and was unfortunately drowned. What renders this circumstance truly painful is, that the object of their crossing the river was to evade an oath, the parties had previously taken, not to drink any spirits in the County of Clare.Curious
Henry, eldest son of the late Jeremiah LANGLEY, Esq. of this city, aged 25. This young gentleman was killed in action with a Malay pirate, on the Burmese Coast.Curious
In Kilkenny, Bridget, wife of Mr. John REYNOLDS, Proprietor of the Kilkenny Independent.Curious
In Mary-street, Mr. Parker BUSTEED, a celebrated angler, and a man of a very facetious mind.Curious
LC1827627NPMNickMAHONMary Margaret
On the 15th January last, at Agra, Bengal Presidency, by special licence, Hay Tweedale STEWART, Esq. of Mirzapore, to Mary Margaret, youngest daughter of the Right Worshipful Nicholas MAHON, Esq. May of LimerickCurious
On the 15th January last, at Agra, Bengal Presidency, by special licence, Hay Tweedale STEWART, Esq. of Mirzapore, to Mary Margaret, youngest daughter of the Right Worshipful Nicholas MAHON, Esq. May of LimerickCurious
LC1827627NPMNickSTEWARTHay TweedaleEsq
On the 15th January last, at Agra, Bengal Presidency, by special licence, Hay Tweedale STEWART, Esq. of Mirzapore, to Mary Margaret, youngest daughter of the Right Worshipful Nicholas MAHON, Esq. May of LimerickCurious
Murder of Robert CHADWICKCurious
Mr. CHADWICKE, it appears, received three bullet wounds, each of them mortal. One entered the breast, a second the groin, and the third passed through the head shattering one of his eyes. The assassins also plundered his pockets of 15l in notes.Curious
Of fever on the brain, Bernard MURRAY, aged 23 years, Guard of the Day Coach, which situation he filled with the greatest fidelity; as a son and brother his character was unexceptionable--he is sincerely regretted by a respectable circle of friends.Curious
On the 14th instant, at Marteus Herns, near Bracknell, John MARTIN, aged 90, having served his King and country in the reigns of King George the Second and Third at the taking of Quebec and Martinique, and is supposed to be the last seaman who helped to carry the great General WOLFE of the field of battle.Curious
On the 14th instant, at Marteus Herns, near Bracknell, John MARTIN, aged 90, having served his King and country in the reigns of King George the Second and Third at the taking of Quebec and Martinique, and is supposed to be the last seaman who helped to carry the great General WOLFE of the field of battle.Curious
LC1827811NPANickREAMary (alias FLEMING)
That I, Patrick REA, of Kileen, in the Parish of Ballylanders, in the Barony of Costlea, in the County of Limerick—and my WIFE, Mary REA, alias FLEMING, have voluntarily separated from each other and have amicably settled to give her her portion, and I have given it before several witnesses, we have also parted in good friendship, shaking hands and wishing each other good luck. I hereby give Notice to the Public at large not to Credit my said Wife in either money or value.
Patrick REA,
August 11th, 1827.
At Galway Assizes, last week, the case of breach of promise of marriage, In which Miss Ann DOYLE, of Galway, was plaintiff, and Mr. Hugh CLARKE, of Loughrea, was defendant, came before a crowded Court and Jury. Damages laid at 5000l. The lady is of a respectable family and of considerable personal attractions—the fickle suitor wealthy, but beyond the meridian of life. The Jury marked their displeasure of his bad taste and want of honor, by a vedict of 1000l. and costs. Mr. O'CONNELL led for the plaintiff, and Mr. NORTH, M. P. for defendant.Curious
The Surgeon of the County Tipperary Infirmary, had a Rockite Notice of assassination similar to that placed on the late R. CHADWICK, Esq. if he should discet the body of Patrick GRACE.Curious
Cork Assizes: ... Denis RING, an itinerant ballad singer, was sentenced to seven years' transportation, as a person infamous xxx and character. Eight others received the same sentence under similar indictment.See Peter Mayberry's siteCurious
On Wednesday, in St. George's Alms-Houns, in this City, at the very advanced age of 104 years, Mrs Bridget HICKEY, a woman of active habits, and who could read her Testament, until the last few weeks, without the aid of glasses.Curious
At his house in Lady-lane, Waterford, in his 89th year, Samuel MORGAN, Esq.—As Senior of the Corporation, he was Father of the City of Waterford. He was likewise senior Alderman, and, of course, one of the four Charter Justices. He was Sheriff during the civic year commencing Michelmas, 1771, and Mayor, in 1779, 1801 and 1817. By his death the Right Hon. Sir John NEWPORT, Bart. becomes Father of the City and Alderman Cornelius BOLTON, who represented Waterford, with considerable distinction in the Irish Parliament of 1783, becomes Charter Justice. Alderman MORGAN died worth £250,000, which he bequeathed to the GROGAN family in the County Wexford.Curious
James DOWNEY, a convict, escaped from Carlow Gaol, on Tuesday, after scaling a wall of 20 feet. In the fall, blood gushed from his nose and eyes; and, thou' an active pursuit was made, he evaded his guards.Curious
Government have granted a free passage to Judith BOHANE, otherwise CROWLEY, and her five children, to join James BOHANE, an industrious convict at New South Wales, it is supposed she is gone begging for alms in the County of Cork. [Ireland Australia Transoprtation index has James BOHANE (alias BOWEN) and petition of Judith (tried 1823)]Curious
Government have granted a free passage to Judith BOHANE, otherwise CROWLEY, and her five children, to join James BOHANE, an industrious convict at New South Wales, it is supposed she is gone begging for alms in the County of Cork. [Ireland Australia Transoprtation index has James BOHANE (alias BOWEN) and petition of Judith (tried 1823)]Curious
We understand that Hughes RUSSELL, Esq, is to be appointed to the Post Office of this City; a selection that has given general satisfaction, Mr. RUSSELL succeeds Luke BERNARD, Esq. who for nearly half a century discharged the duties with honour to himself and advantage to the Revenue—we are happy that his services will be requited by a handsome pension, to which he is justly entitled.Curious
On Sunday morning, a man, of the name Michael MULLAGHAN, entered a house of ill fame, in New Bridwell Lane, Cork, kept by one Mary DENNY. A dispute ensued about a shilling, and in the affray he tore away a bedpost, with which he inflicted two desperate blows on the head of Mary DENNY; a most extensive fracture was the immediate consequence, and the unfortunate woman expired on the spot. The murderer fled, but was apprehended; he is a pensioner, and had been sergeant and schoolmaster in the 21st Regiment. Same day an inquest was held on the body, and a verdict of willful murder returned.Curious
Wednesday last, as a party of relatives and friends were engaged in the process of waking a man, at Blackrock, near Cork, the supposed victim of grim death rose from his bed, to the dismay and confusion of all present.Curious
On Tuesday night, a carman, named Thomas HOGAN, fell into the river, at Shannon-quay, Limerick, and was drowned. The deceased served in the Navy under Lord Cochrane, and had lost an eye in the service. He has left a wife and five children.Curious
On Tuesday last, a young man, aged 18, a stone-cutter, while at work on the steeple of Dungarvan Church, fell from an elevation of 80 feet, and was killed on the spot. His name was Patrick HURLEY, from Ballybeige, near TraleeCurious
The Docility of Irish ConvictsCurious
Extraordinary Leap.—Some time ago our fellow-citizen, Mr. Robert FROST, leaped from off one of the cliffs of Moher, measuring 372 feet, for a wager, and instantly swan ashore, a distance of 20 yards without receiving the slightest injury. He immediately handed over the wager to the numerous persons who assembled for the occasion.Curious
A melancholy circumstance occurred at Curraghclooney, within a mile of Clonmel.—Catherine MULLINS, a servant, was married on Saturday last, to Jeremiah HURLY; and on Monday, after breakfast, she went out, stripped off her clothes, and threw herself into a pond convenient to the house, where she was shortly after found a lifeless corpse. No reason has yet been assigned for the commission of this horrible act.Curious
LEP-CS18281216NPSNickWEEKESWilliamRt Worshipful
Shooting Extraordinary!. -- Yesterday morning the Right Worshipful William WEEKES, Mayor of this city, while proceeding along the Quay on a shooting excursion, bagged a fine dog of the Newfound kind, the property of a Master of a Vessel lying in the river. We were not before aware the his Worship was distinguished for any propensity peculiarly hostile to the cnins species. The dog having been a valuable animal, we understand the matter is likely to afford some further sport to the gentlemen of the long robe.--Waterford Mirroe.Curious
On Wednesday evening, Mary LAMBERT, the wife of a nailor, living in Castle-street, fell from a window one story high, and received a dreadful fracture on the skull. She is not expected to recover. Her husband is suspected of having thrown her out ...Curious
In a garret, in Exchequer-street, Dublin, neglected by her opulent family, the widow of Thos. WHITBY, Esq. Attorney at LawCurious
Gross Outrage—A Brunswicker of the name F. K____, living in Ennis, happened, on Friday last, we understand, to see the Limerick Evening Post and Clare Sentinel on the table of a respectable Hotel, in this city, (Limerick)— when, finding the coast clear, he tore it to pieces, and the threw it into the fire; but the outrage was discovered before he left the house, and he was instantly obliged to come to our Office for a Paper to replace it, which he was glad to do to avoid exposure.  Such low hostility we despise — so much so, that we have no objection to his renewing his attack seven-fold every post on the same terms.  We only notice the affair to shew the low stuff these Brunswickers are made of.Curious
Mr. F____ K____, of Ennis, the Gentleman stated in our Paper of Friday (sic) to have torn and burned a number of the Post and Sentinel, at a respectable Hotel, called at this Office, on Saturday, to explain away our opinion of his motives; that he tore the Paper was admitted, but, from the assurance he has given us, that he did not burn it, nor did the tearing proceed from any feeling of hostility, we freely acknowledge the explanation to have been quite satisfactory.Curious
Thetis to QuebecCurious
At Nass Assizes, William MACLOGHLIN, Esq., a Gentleman known in the fashionable circles, was convicted of being guilty of the murder of his step-father, Mr. COFFEY, and hanged on Saturday. Mr. MACLOGHLIN held for several years a situation in the Castle of Dublin, from which he lately retired on a very large pension.—He was a distingusihed duellist.Curious
Report on attacks by blacks in Launceston, New South Wales [Tasmania] 22 March various killingsCurious
James RAYMOND, Esq. late of Holly Park, Co. Limerick, is appointed Post-Master General, at Sydney, New South Wales. [He was the first Post Master General, died 29 May 1851 at Darlinghurst and was buried 2 June 1851 at St Peter's Cooks River aged 65]Curious
LEP-CS18291113NPMNickO'LEARYDaniel FlorenceGen
A Bogata, South America, General O'LEARY, son of Jeremiah O'LEARY, Esq. of Cork, to Solita SOUBLETTE, sister to General SOUBLETTE, and niece to the President BOLIVAR see his biographyCurious
Yesterday, the following convicts were despatched from the City Limerick Gaol to the Penetentiary House, Cork:— Bridget RYAN, Alice CALLAGHAN, Eliza HIGGINS, Eliza LAHIFF, and Mary BARRETT; the two former were convicted at the Summer Assizes and the three latter at the Quarter Sessions before the recorder. They were all snetenced to seven years' transportation.Curious
Trial reportCurious
On Thursday, between the hours of one and two o'clock, a poor labouring man of the name of Donald M'DONALD, was precipitated from the top of a house in Patrick-street [Limerick], and melancholy to relate was killed on the spot.Curious
Cork Assizes ... At an advanced hour of the day, Jonathan EAVES, a private soldier of the 68th Regiment of Foot, was placed at the bar, charged with the murder of Pat. KELLY, a corporal in the same corps, at Drummond Island, in Upper Canada, on the 27th of August, in the year 1827.
  The prisoner having been convicted, the Court pronounced sentence of death, and named Monday (yesterday) for his execution.
Michael ANGLIM was indicted for intermarrying at Macroom, with Mary RUSSELL, his former wife being still alive. Proof was given up of both marriages, the Jury found him guilty. The Court said that he would deprive them of the society of the gentleman, and ordered him to be transported for seven years.Curious
A man named Daniel CRONIN, a carpenter, whilst at work in Kilarney, on Saturday, and after joyously smoking a pipe with his fellow labourers, fell dead.Curious
St George's Church, Limerick, will soon be converted into an establishment for transacting the business of the Irish Provincial Bank. A free Church, in leiu, will be erected in the vacinity of New-SquareCurious
At Tunbridge, Kent, in his 86th year, Donatus O'CALLAGHAN, Esq., of the County Clare. He was a most perfect model of an Irish Gentleman, possessing an amenity of manners taht was most facinating; he had on account of his health lived near Tunbridge for the last 14 years.Curious
At a late Vestry meeting held in the Church of St. Iberius, Wexford, the salary of the Organist was reduced by opposition of the Roman Catholic Parishioners from £50 to forty penceCurious
On Friday night last, as Mr BROWN, of Knockadereen, was returning from Abbyfeale, County Limerick, he surprised some fellows who had spears, gaffs, and torches, on the river Ullihane, for the purpose of destrying fish. He at once approached them, upon which the persons retreated, leaving two spears, one gaff, and three salmon, on the bank after them. The salmon Mr. BROWN gave to the poor of Abbyfeale.Curious
Relocation of Limerick weavers to ManchesterCurious
At Laghtamoneen, county Clare, aged 63 years, the wife of Mr. James LYSAGHT, of a daughter. Her husband in in the 73rd year. This happy couple has no increase in their family for the last twenty years. Nothing can equal their happiness.Curious
October 1, at Brandrum, near Monaghan, Maj HAMILTON, aged 56. In place of scarfs, he ordered in his will 40 big coats, 40 pairs of shoes and 40 pairs of stockings to his poor tenantryCurious
A young woman, named Bridget WALSH, who had been seduced, and had two children by a person, named BURKE, hung herself, on Monday evening, in despair, from the ceiling of a loft in a house, near Eyre-square, GalwayCurious
Robert FORESTER, Esq., of Valentia, Co. Kerry, lately shot a seal weighing thirty-one stone, and from which was extracted eighteen gallons of oil.Curious
An armed partty attacked the house of a man named LEE, at Glanstada, County Clare, last week, with a view of taking away his daughter. They succeeded in getting possession of their dear object, when LEE's two sons, in the most heroic manner, rushed on the party and rescued their sister. One of the party was severely injured from the blow from a scythe, his name is DONNELEN, and has not been since heard of.Curious
Last week, a young woman, named Bridget SHEEHY, succeeded in stealing a quantity of wearing apparel, the property of Lieutenant WOOLLEY, of the 74th Regiment, stationed in LimerickCurious
While a country woman, named Winifred M'DONNELL, was engaged purchasing some meat at the Northumberland market, Limerick, on Saturday night, a large bag, containing sixty-six yards if linen, quantities of cloth, corduroy, velveteen, and check, was stolen from a car, which she left at the entrance. A few of our active City Police being appraised of the robbery went immediately in pursuit, and succeeded in apprehending the theif—a noted character—named John LYNCH, alias "Boatswain" LYNCH, who was after disposing of his booty to a broker in the Irishtown. The thief and two persons for receiving the stoled goods have been committed for the offence. LYNCH was sentenced to seven years' transportation for a former offence, and but lately returned after fulfilling the mitigated sentence in the Dublin Richmond Penitentiary.Curious
Michael QUINLISK, BridgerQUINLISK, (husband and wife) Mary QUINLISK, William QUINLISK, and Stephen QUINLISK, (daughter and sons of the above) were overwhelmed by snow, on Saturday night last, in their cabin, at Glengar, Barony of Kilnemanagh, County Tipperary, and died of suffocationCurious
Tuesday Mr. THOMPSON held an inquest at Carrick_on_Suir on the body of Patrick NEILL, a publican, who, it appeared, had retired to rest on Sunday evening, at ten o'clock, apparently n good health. In a few minutes afterwards, his son, who was to have slept with him, found his father a corpse at eleven o'clock. The verdict of the Coronor's jury was — that the deceased died from the visitation of God. His habits of living had been extremely irregular.Curious
At the Quarter Session of Cashel, the Bench odered that the licence of James SLATTERY for keeping arms be cancelled, in consequence of lending his gun to a person of the name BRITTON who as unlicenced, was an improper person to be entrusted with firearmsCurious
Margaret MACKESEY — MurdererCurious
LEP-CS1831204NPSNickRYANPatrick (alias rat)
A person, named Patrick RYAN, alias "rat," while running at a Steeple Chase, last week, near Hospital, County Limerick, was thrown from his horse, and had his right leg broken a little below the knee. RYAN being an excellent horseman, and coming up in the race with another person, for whom he entertained some grudge, was according to his own acknowledgment, endeavouring at any hazard to lead his companion to a most dangerous turn, with the malicious design of doing him an injury, when he himself was thrown where he had hoped to see the other's neck broken. A quack was applied to, and the fractured limb was bumbled in such a shameful manner that mortification ensued next day. Amputation has been considered necessary, and will be resorted to as soon as the upper part of the limb, which is enormously swelled, can be reduced to a state that will admit of the operation.Curious
Body for sale in CorkCurious
Eve Mail1831615NPSNick[NONE]
On Tuesday a fellow sold his wife at Tongmoor Gate, Bolton, for 3s 6d and a gallon of ale. The purchaser was a man who lodged in the house. On Wednesday she was delivered up to the purchaser, according to contract, and on Thursday morning the bellman announced that her husband would not be answerable for any debts which she might in future contract.—Manchester GuardianCurious
In taking the census in Mary Street, Limerick, the Enumerator reports that in one house there are 22 families, comprising 91 persons.Curious
Mr. Peter CANTWELL, a respectable farmer living in the neighbourhood of Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, has suffered severely by a relative of his wife named COTTRELL. On Monday last week, Mr. CANTWELL gave COTTRELL a sum of money to lodge in the Kilkenny Bank for him, with which COTTRELL absconded, and has not since been heard of. It is supposed he has gone to America. COTTRELL went to America sopme time ago, after having spent his wife's fortune.Curious
John DWYER, a child of nine years old, was sentenced at Cork to be transported for seven years, for stealing a watch from Michael COLBERT, of FermoyCurious
John DWYER, a child of nine years old, was sentenced at Cork to be transported for seven years, for stealing a watch from Michael COLBERT, of FermoyCurious
Robert O'HANLON, of Melesian celebrity, has challenged any man in his Majesty's dominions, save an Irishman, to fight for the sum of £500Curious
A rape case of the most extraordinary nature, came for trial at the County Galway Assizes, on Tuesday last, in which a young woman named Mary LANGLEY was prosecutrix, and Hyacinth BURKE, Esq., of Killuner Castle, traverser. The prosecutrix was a bold able-bodied wench, the prosecuted old and infirm. Mr. BURKE's innocence of the foul charge, which evidently originated in a conspiracy against the life and character, was fully established to the entire satisfaction of a most respectable jury, who instantly acquitted him without leaving the box.Curious
St. George's Church, Limerick, is to be forthwith taken down, and on its site will be erected an edifice for transacting the business of the Provintial Bank. A free Church will be built in Pery-square. The assent of the Lord Bishop of Limerick has been had to this arrangement.Curious
LEP-CS1831909NPSNickDEANEThomasSir Bt
The Sheriffs of Cork (Sir Thomas DEANE, and George W. FOOTE, Esq.,) have presented a richly designed silver cup to Joseph GARDE, Esq., Mayor of that City, for his urbanity on office.Curious
FJ18311006NPMNickBOURKEFrances Emma
At St George's church, Hanover Square London, The Rev John JEBB eldest son of Mr Justice JEBB, and nephew of the Lord Bishop of Limerick, to Frances Emma, youngest daughter of Maj Gen BOURKE of Thornvale , co Limerick, and Govenor of New South WalesCurious
LEP-CS18311108NPSNickCOMERFORDP [Patrick?]Mr.
Still dueling at eightyCurious
Sunday last, the body of a Clonmel boatman, named William HOGAN, who had been missing during the last three weeks, was found in the river near the Market-House, Waterford.Curious
At a meeting of the Ladies of Cork, on Wednesday, Mrs. BERNARD, the Mayoress, in the chair, when 70l. was subscribed towards providing an outfit for 120 female emigrants to New South Wales.Curious
LEP-CS1832214NPSNickHEWSONMichael GHon
A letter from Halifax, dated Dec. 27, 1831, states that the Hon. Michael G. HEWSON, son of Mr. G. HEWSON, Nurseryman, late of Limerick, died in Florida, of fever. Three months before his death he was appointed Chief Judge by the Governor and Council at Keywest.Curious
Limerick Assizes ... David HORAN, an old man about 80 years of age, for stealing £5, pleaded guilty — Sentence deferred.Curious
Limerick Assizes ... Eliza MOORE, stealing wearing apparel — Guilty
Yesterday, a woman named MOORE was put on trial at the city Limerick Assizes, charged with stealing wearing apparel from a Mr. MOORE, she had been arrested by Sergeant MOORE, was brought up in custody of deputy jailor, MOORE, tried before Judge MOORE, and to finish the business, the jury found her guilty that she may be troublesome no Mo(o)re.
New wives for New South Wales — a vessel, we believe the Red Rover, has been taken up by the Government, for the purose of conveying 200 free female emigrants from Cork to New South Wales, who are to be provided with situations or husbands as chance may offer, on their arrival [Note passenger list with native place and occ NSW State Archives (4/4822; microfilm copy SR Reel 2795, photocopy [City] COD399). 1 vol.]Curious
LH1832423NPDNickHAYESHenry BrowneSir
At his residence, Grattan-Hill, Cork, Sir Henry Browne HAYES, Knt. He served many years at Botany Bay, a commuted sentance for the abduction of a rich Quakeress, Miss PIKE, of Cork. He was twice shipwrecked.Curious
Communication with England - Waterford & Bristol - The Nora Creina and City of Waterford; steam packets from the Quay at Waterford for Bristol Tues and Sat morning and only one night at sea on the passage. Cabin fare 2 guineas deck ditto 10/6 ...Curious
At Rio Bueno, in the island of Jamaica, in the 70th year of his age, Charles LEWIS Esq. Mr LEWIS was a native of Kilarney, and in his youth was bound apprentice to a cutler in Cork, from whom he ran away, got on board a vessel bound fo Jamaica, where, during a residence of fifty years, by frugality and industry, he amassed considerable wealth, to amount of several thousand pounds, the surplus of which, after paying a few legacies, he bequeathed to his relatives in KerryCurious
In Cork, at the residence of his daughter, (Mrs T BOLES) Bent BALL Esq aged 80 years, formerly of Rocksboro', co of Cork, late Capt of the 53d Regt, and one of the few surviving officers who served in the Revolutionary War in America, where he particularly distinguished himself, and received no less than three musket balls in different parts of his body, one of which never could be extractedCurious
Tithes disputesCurious
Suddenly, in Killarney, on Sunday the 4th instant, at the patriachal age of 90 years, Thomas HILLGROVE, Esq., formerly of City of Cork, and one of the oldest freemen of that City, but a resident of Killarney for upwards of half a century. In the year 1798, although theretofore indulging in a more than ordinary share of exercise daily in the open air, he resolved to sequester himself from "the busy haunts of men," dreading the consequences that might result from the rebellion of that year, although Killarney then enjoyed perfect tranquility, but which he considered only as a "deceitful calm," and so religiously did he adhere to his strange resolve, that since but twice has he oe'rstepped his threshold. He enjoyed an almost uninterrupted course of good health ever since, and up to the period of his dissolution, had all his faculties unimpaired.Curious
William SHEEHAN, a tinker, was fined on Wednesday by the Magistrate, 2s. 6d. for appearing in the streets in a state of nudity.Curious
So strongly is the public spirit now pervaiding the County Limerick, that the pike-man at Bruff refused to receive toll from those going to register. He allowed over one thousand horses to pass through his pike, free.Curious
Mary CASEY, a helpless widow, aged 87 years, living at Blackditch, County Wicklow, in a letter to the Editor of the Register, writes in the following heart-bursting strain:—
  "Having a cabin and about sixty perches of ground, (which was formerly a gravel quarry,) being a gratuity from Earl Fitzwilliam, no clergyman ever demanded tithe of me, until Archdeacon MAGEE served me with a subpoena for 3s. 4d. and threatens to take the blanket from my bed!" (What will "Blanket" STANLEY say to this?)
William HEPPLEWHITE, an apprentice on board the Indian, belonging to SHIELDS, last year purchased an old clothes chest for three shillings, which, on being examined by the Customs House officers in Cork, where the vessel is now delivering a cargo, disciovered to have a false bottom, under which was found upwards of 2,000l.Curious
A woman named Peggy CASEY, while taking a pot off the fire at Ballinaguard, county Limerick, on Saturday, had her face an person dreadfully scalded.Curious
At the advanced age of 102 years, Mr. Thomas LEONARD, of Dublin, late of the 66th Foot. He served many years in the American war, and was at the taking of Quebec under General WOLFECurious
Stamps Ireland — List of newspapers and their allocations of stamps giving indication of circulations Curious
Letter from Van Dieman's landCurious
WMT G1835305NPDde MontfortWALKwidow
On the 18th ultimo, at Rasheen, parish of Ballinakill, county of Sligo, the widow Walk, in her 119th year, which she had entered on the day preceding her death. About two years ago, i.e., in her 117th year, she cut four new teeth. Her parents were married on Tuesday, the 15th April, 1715, commonly called "Black Tuesday", being the day of the great eclipse.Curious

Hobart Town, Van Diemens' Land
and Sydney, New South Wales

Families and individuals about to proceed to the above most healthy and flourishing Colonies, are respectfully informed that the Splendid new English-built Ship JANE GOULDIE, A1 at Lloyd's, 234 Tons Register, 400 Tons burthen, David SIMPSON, Commander, (who is well acquainted with the Trade,) will shortly be despatched. This beautiful modelled Vessel for elegance and equipment is rarely surpassed: she is thoroghly copper fastened coppered to the bends, and is intended as a regular Packet between Liverpool and Australia. Capt SIMPSON having recently returned from the Colonies will be happy to give every information to parties desirous of emigrating, and will be accomanied by his wife on the voyage. An experienced Surgeon will also proceed in the ship.
Rates of Passage Money
—: For a single Gentleman, £50; Single Lady, £45; a Married Couple, £95; Children between the ages of 9 and 14, £30; 5 and 9 £20; under 5, £10; infants under 12 months, Free.
Second Cabin — For a single Gentleman, £30; Single Lady, £26; a Married Couple, £56; Children between the ages of 9 and 14, £18; 5 and 9 £12; undre 5 £6; Infants under 12 months, Free.
Steerage — For a single Gentleman, £20; Single Lady, £18; a Married Couple, £38; Children between the ages of 9 and 14, £12; 5 and 9 £8; undre 5 £4; Infants under 12 months, Free.
These Rates include Provisions for the Voyage, which will be furnished on the following liberal scale: — For each mess of 12 adults in the Second Cabin and Steerage; Children between 1 and 7 being entitled to one-half, and between 1 and 7, to one-third of the quantities.
N,B. — Each male adult will be allowed a glass and a half of Spirits, and each Female a glass of Wine per day
Scale of rations

Monday — 12lbs bread, 12 pints coffee, 12 pints tea, 1lb sugar, 8lbs beef, 4lbs flour, 1lb Fruit, lb suet. Tuesday — 12 bread, 12 coffee, 12 tea, 1 sugar, 9 pork, 12 pints soup. Wednesday  :6 bread, 12 potatoes, 4 rice, 12 coffee, 12 tea, 1lb sugar, 8 beef, 4 flour, 1 fruit, suet. Thursday — 12 bread, 12 coffee, 12 tea, 1lb sugar, 9 pork, 12 soup. Friday  :6 bread, 12 potatoes, 4 rice, 12 coffee, 12 tea, 1lb sugar. Saturday — 12 bread, 12 coffee, 12 tea, 1lb sugar, 9 pork, 12 soup. Sunday —12 bread, 12 coffee, 12 tea, 1lb sugar, 8 beef, 4 flour, 1 fruit, suet..
Six pounds dried fish, with 1lb butter on Friday. One quart vinegar per week; 72 pints water, except soup days, 60 pints
Cabin passengers will not be restricted as to the quantity of Provisions, and plenty of Live Stock, &c will be laid in; but for Wines, &c will be an extra charge. They will also be found with every description of State Room Requisites, Table Utensils, &c except Beds, Bedding and Napkins, and will be allowed room for half a ton of Luggage. Second Cabin and Steerage Passengers are required to find Beds and Bedding, Earthenware, a Knife, Fork, Spoon, &c for their mess, as usual, and will be allowed a quarter of a ton of Luggage.
One third of the passage money must be paid before a Berth can be secured.
As berths in this vessel will only be fitted for the accommodation of twenty-five adults in all, and several being already engaged, Passengers should secure their berths without delay; and in order to prevent expense to parties in the country, ten days notice will be given previous to sailing at the expiration of which they will be required to be on board, and thenceforward provisioned by the ship.
Apply to William RANDALL, Arthurs Quay, Limerick, or Henry FOX, 53, Dreury-lane, Liverpool —

Singular Cricket Match

On Tuesday considerable bustle and amusement occurred at Parson's-green, Walham, and vicinity, in consequence of a match of cricket being played between eleven married and eleven single females. The match was made for the sum of 10l. and a hot supper. At ten in the forenoon a tent was erected on the Green, and soon afterwards the wickets were pitched. A vast assemblage of persons were congregated to witness the sport amongst whom were some of the most respectable inhabitants.The married women wore light blue dresses, their waists and heads being decorated with ribbons of the same colour; the single women were attired in close white dresses with pink sashes and cap-bows. The game commenced about eleven, the married taking the first innings, and obtaining 47 runs. The single then commenced play and were not so successful, the whole being bowled out after 29 runs. The two next innings were played and the game was won by the single women, but only by seven runs. After the match was over, country dances, accompanied by a band of music, took place on the green, and in the evening the supper was provided at the White Horse. The whole was a very amusing animated scene. ...Globe
LC18351003NPMNickHARTGeorge VaughanLt RN
At Rathmullen church, by the Rev George Vaughan HART jun, Lt George Vaughan HART RN son of Lt Gen George Vaughan HART of Kilderry, co Donegal, to Jane Maria daughter of the Rev George Vaughan HART, Rector of the Union of Castlebar and late of this cityCurious
Extraordinary LongevityCurious
Cork Const1837103NPDNickSIMPSONJames
On the 20th ult, at Stoneyford, James SIMPSON, at the advanced age of 107. He was able to walk until within a few days of his death. He was several times in America, where he spent many years of his life. The last time he embarked for that country he was in his 90th year, and returned again in his 94th year.Curious
Longford J1839119NPSde MontfortTUITEHugh MEsq
On the morning after the late storm, a fine specimen of that rare and beautiful little bird, the Stormy Petrel, or Mother Cary's Chickens, was found dead in the demesne of Sonna, by Hugh M. Tuite, Esq. – a distance of more than 90 miles from the sea, in the direction of the gale, affording one of the most curious and striking instances of the violence of the hurricane of which we have yet heard.Curious
Longford J1839622NPNde MontfortROBINSONJamesMr
We regret to announce the death of Mr. James Robinson, of Crieve, joining Carrickglass, in this county, on Thursday morning last, at a good old age. By his death, the Conservative interest has lost a vote, and the Radical three, namely, William Bratten, and Thomas Murray, both of Cartroncapple, and Patrick Dolan, of Corboy; his being the life in their leases. Curious
Syd Gaz1840725NPDNickCROKERWalterEsq [Cmmr RN]
Report of deathCurious
Report of court case — Maryanne Agnes CAMPION v Barry DREWCurious
List of passemgers and crew, lost and saved in the wreck of the Amanda of 26 September 1831Curious
On the 25th ult, at Ballymacrook, co Wexford, two sisters Anastatia and Mary FURLONG, the former 103 amd the latter 105 years of age. They literally lived and died together, an their mortal remains now occupy the same resting place.Curious
Longford J18411218NPDde MontfortBAYLEEHenry WilliamEsq
Dec. 5, in the Custom-house, Larne, Henry William Baylee, Esq., Landing Waiter at that port, having served the Crown with credit and faithfulness for very nearly half a century.Curious
Longford J18411218NPDde MontfortM'GRATHWilliamMr
December 10, at Ballyknock, in the county of Wexford, Mr. William M'Grath, farmer. He was born in 1738, and had consequently attained the extremely venerable age of 103.Curious
Fatal conflict at ClonmoyleCurious
On the 30th ultimo, at Kilroe, county Galway, aged 99 years, Miss Mary HANLY. She was the last of a family of six — having survived five brothers, whos united ages amounted to 557 years.Curious
At Drumaul, near Randalstown, co Antrim, Grace WELLS at the advanced age of 108 years. She was born at Letterkenny, co Donegal, was twice married; by the first husband she had ten children. The last husband was married to her at the age of seventeen, with whom she had lived upwards of sixty years. She was a stout athletic woman, and scarcely ever experienced sickness up to the period of her decease; she retained her mental faculties to the lastCurious
On the 18th inst, at Greenwich, aged 82, Admiral W TAYLOR the only surviving officer who accompanies Capt COOK in his third voyage around the world and was present at his deathCurious
On the 27th ult, in Strabane, co Tyrone, Miss Caroline BROWNE, aged 73 years. She requested some locks of hair she possessed to be shut in her left hand, the remains of a canary bird into her right hand, a hoop ring of no great value on her finger, and a particular cap on her head — all which was complied withCurious
FJ1843311NPMNickRUSHFrancis FfrenchEsq
In this city, by the Rev Mr LAPHEN, Francis Ffrench RUSH Esq eldest son of the late Ambrose Lynch RUSH, Cloonkeely, co Galway, Esq nephew to Francis FFRENCH Esq, Killane, co Mayo, a grandnephew to the late Sir Edward LYNCH, of Cadiz, and near cousin of Lord Viscount Netterville, to Margaret Georgina, second daughter of the late George TAAFFE, Grange, co Roscommon, who was nearest relative in this county to Lord Viscount TAAFFE, now in Germany, niece to the late Thomas REDINGTON Esq, Ryehill, co Galway, cousin to Thomas N REDINGTON Esq MP, the countess of Charlemount, Lady FRENCH and the late Countess of LeitrimCurious

On the 12th of March, of a broken heart, shortly after being ejected from his ground, Mr Thomas GREANY, Ballynagrane, Craughwell, co Galway, a small farmer. He was born on the lands from which he was evicted, and there his forefathers lived from time immemorial. His wife and family, his brothers and their children, are now as human wrecks on that desolate sea where home is not
He fears no more the enormous social wrong
That leaves the peasant, willing, bold and strong
Without employ: fixes as fate the rent of land —
The price of crops — less sure than marks on changing sand
———— S
On the 2d inst, at the Wesleyan chapel, Thurles, Mr Thomas HENNESSY, merchant, aged sixty years, to Ann, aged twenty, daughter of Mr Joshua LYSTER of Thurles. The bride's father and the bridegroom were born on the same nightCurious
On the 6th instant, at Tullamore, in the 78th year of his age, William WALLACE Esq, Staff Surgeon and for many years a magistrate for the King's county. He had been twelve months a widower, and a few weeks since he married a girl of humble circumstances and on her he very handsomely settled his property. He has left no family here, nor has he any relations in the neighbourhood to mourn his loss but his young widow.Curious
On the 19th inst, in the church of Crossmollina, Mr Jeremiah WILSON, aged 65 years to Ellen only daughter of Mr James ROGERS, aged 13. This young child rejected, we learn, the attentions of four young men whose united ages did not exceed that of the bridegroom — Mayo TelegraphCurious
On the 4th inst, in the Mariage Registry Office, 48, Dame-street, Christopher THORPE, Esq, of the Excise, to Jane eldest daughter of the late Rev Joseph BARNES, of Whigsborough, in the King's county.Curious
On the 3d inst, at his cottage, Farnham-road, near Cavan, by the Rev Mathew ADAMS, Michael MURPHY Esq, formerly Captain in the Cavan Militia, and agen to the late Earl of Bellamont, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr Willaim GOSS, of Dromond, near Cootehill, farmer. The happy bridegroom is in his 87th year, and the fair bride in her 54th.Curious
At Kirkcubbin, on the 24th ult, in his 80th year, Mr James ORR, of that place. He was remarkable for unflinching adherence to his word and his party, and neither threats nor flattery could make him break the one or desert the other. He was a United Irishman in '98, and held until the last, liberal opinions in both religion and politics.— Northern Whig.Curious
On the 23d of September, at Kilelton House, co Kerry, aged 80 years, William HICKIE Esq. He was one of the oldest Catholic magistrates of that county, having got a commission of the peace the first year that Catholics were eligible in this kingdom.Curious
On the 7th inst, at Mullinshone, co Kilkenny, James JONSTON Esq. He lived 96 years as a respectable and enlightened Protestant of the Church of England, and for the last ten days a pious and pentinent Roman CatholicCurious
In Greenwich Hospital, aged 97, John LYNG. Deceased accompanied Captian COOK in his last voyage, and witnessed his being speared by the lances of the IndiansCurious
Depopulation near AthloneCurious
FJ1849510NPSNickLANGLEYEleanor (nee POE)
Inquest on death of Eleanor LANGLEYCurious
FJ1849907NPDNickMATHEWHampton JohnMr
September 4, Mr. Hampton John MATHEW, aged 81 years, sincerely and deservedly regretted. The deceased enjoyed a confidential situation in the bank of the late Sir Thomas LIGHTON, Bart, for a period of 23 years, and latterly acted as cashier to the firm of Messre. J amd R MALLET, of this city, from whom he received a liberal superannuation for many yearsCurious
FJ1850416NPMNickHEWITTEmily Frances
April 9, in the parish church of St Nicholas Without, by the Rev Hickman Rose HALAHAN, Philip Western, third son of Wm. Wood Esq of this city, to Emily Frances, youngest daughter of Richard HEWITT Esq, and grand-duaghter of the late Captain David Fairfield DALTON, H.M. 55th regiment, and great grand-daughter of the late Captain Joshua THOMAS, 23d Welsh Fusiliers and of Rockspring, county WexfordCurious
April 17, at Lisbon, of fever, Colonel ROSE, a distinguished British officer, who had a medal and nine clasps for services with the English army. The deceased died in a felon's gaol. He had been incarcerated for two years, having become surity for a Portugese to the amount of fifty pounds.Curious
FJ1851527NPANickGANNONPatrick JosephMr
obit Curious
Comparison between the 1841 and 1851 censusesCurious
Death of a MiserCurious
Sale of farmCurious
At his residence, in the township of Pickering, on the 26th ult., Joshua RICHARDSON, aged 83 years. He left his native country, Queen's county, Ireland, in the spring of the year 1821, with a numerous family, and in the fall of the same year purchased a small estate on the banks of lake Ontario, Upper Canada, where he spent quiet and retired to the time of his decease.—Toronto Patriot
June 27, at Blackrock, Richard RICHARDSON, brother of the above, and late of Queen's County, in the 69th year of his age. He died in trusting in the merits of his Saviour.
At Cadiz, Mr Patrick CONDON. He was a native of Cork, which place he left the beginning of the year 1785 for SpainCurious
January 30, at Bradford, New Hampshire, America, aged 106 years, Honora O'NEILL. She was born in Cork, where she lived until she arrived at the age of 98, when she was brought to the United States by one of her sons.Curious
FJ1854525NPDNickROGERSFrances Anne
May 7, in the parish of St Nicholas, Cork Frances Anne ROGERS, daughter of Maj Edward ROGERS, 3rd Regt (Bailiff and late barrackmaster, Ordinance Ireland, granddaughter of the late Rev Samuel BEAMISH, Provost of Bandon, and of Mount Beamish, co of Cork, neice, maretnally, of the lady of Maj-Gen N HAMILTON, KH), niece, paternally, of the late Col Henry ROGERS, Royal Artillery, late chief storekeeper and Barrackmaster-General Ireland (Ordnance); of the late Mrs D, the lady of the late Joseph DENNIS, Esq, barrister-at-law, Cork (brother of Maj-Gen Sir James DENNIS) and of the late Rev W STAWEL, CorkCurious
October 26, at Middletown Church, by the Rev T J WHITE, Mr Archibald JOHNSTON, merchant, to Miss Ann Stewart KILPATRICK, of Ballylane, near Markethill, county Armagh. The bridegroom is in his 89th year of his age, and the bride in her 19th.Curious
Death under Strange Circumstances.—The room of a poor woman named Susan EGAN, in the house 17, Grangegorman-lane, having been observed locked for an unusual lenght of time, her neighbours feared she might be ill and in need of assistance. Accordingly they informed Sergeant MAGUIRE of the circumstances. Upon the door being forced open by the officer, the poor woman was discovered lying face downwards on the floor, dead, and quite cold.— No fire or firing except a single sod of turf was found in the room, and, with the exception of a Swedish turnip, no description of food was observable. The room was pretty comfortably furnished. The deceased was about 67 years of age, and had been for some time in receipt of relief from St Paul's pCurious
An Aged family.— Died last Friday, at Loughdaheen, in this county, Anastatia POWER, aged 112. Her sister is at present living, and in good health, aged 100; and her daughter seems young, though she is in he 90th year. A remarkable family in this area.— Waterford NewsCurious
May 16, at Bally-M'Elligott, county Kerry, Christopher CRONSBERRY, aged 102 years, and on the same day his wife, aged 105 years. They were married eighty years.Curious
Reduction in the price of Whiskey.— On Wednesday the Cork distillers reduced the price of whiskey to 10s 9d per imperial gallon.Curious
Honourable conduct of a Cork TraderCurious
Death by a Needle Puncture at BristolCurious
Mysterious DeathCurious
December 30, at Killinay, Elizabeth, widow of Sir William BETHAMCurious
Emigration — The number of emigrants arrived at New York during the past year was 141 915, of whom there were from Ireland, 44,090; Germany 55,856; England 23,691. The Germans have otnumbered the Irish to the amount of 11,766. The English comparatively to former arrivals, very numerous, being 1,746 more than half the complement from Ireland.Curious
FJ1857131NPSNickPENNEFATHERVere FitzmauriceEnsign
Melbourne killings (Vic BDM 1856 No 4647)Curious
Belfast Newspaper EditorsCurious
Death of a centenarianCurious
Melancholy storyCurious
May 7, at the monastery of Mount St Joseph, Clondakin, in the 56th year of his age, Mathew GEOGHEGAN Esq, ex-sizar Trinity College, The Deceased was a gentleman of profound classical acquirement and eminent skill in his profession, having been physician for many years to the dispensary at Baldoyle, near Howth, in this country. He gained the esteem of the public by unremitting assiduity in the duties of his calling. About ten years ago he retired to Mount St Joseph, where he won the best wishes of the community and externs by his gentlemanly deportment, combined with those moral and social qualities which tend to adorn the human character—Having received teh last rites of the church from the hands of the Rev J BRENNAN, chaplain, assisted by the the Rev J M'DONNELL. The funeral procession, consisting of the prior, community, and pupils of the seminary, &c, presented an imposing sight as it slowly advanced round the enclosure of teh monastery, all chanting "Miserari" and "Benedictus" till they arrived in the cemetry, where the "De Profundis" was sung in the Gregoran chaunt over his remains, at their final resting place in the vaults attached. May he rest in peace. Amen.Curious
Resistance to the SheriffCurious
A narrow escapeCurious
November 25, in Kilkenny, Lt-Col Anthony PACK. This officer served with much credit to himself in the Peninsula. His habits were most excentric, and he latterly lived in great penury, and died in a squalid habitation in Walkin-street, in that city, although possessing from 4,000l. to 5,000l. in ready money.Curious
FJ1858202NPMNickVon ZEPPLINWillheim Graf
January 26, at heidleburg, Willheim Graf Von ZEPPLIN, of the Austrian Service, to MArbella Frances, eldest daughter of th Hon John and Lady Marbella KNOXCurious
A novel case [a baby given away not able to be recovered]Curious
Mrs CONANCurious
January 11, at his residence, Dobbeycott, near Mountmellick, in the 103d year of his age, Mr Mathew CORCORAN — During his lifetime he was a stedfast advocate for his country's rights, and proved himself a true Irishman in the years 1782 and '98Curious
Rev. Peter HAMILLCurious
May 31, at Waterford, at the advanced age of 84 years, Joseph HAYDEN Esq for the last thirty-three years a JP for the co of Kilkenny, grandson of Wm. HAYDEN, Esq of Croan, (also a magistrate of that county for upwars of 50 years), and Elizabeth HAYDEN (otherwise ALLY), his wife, daughter of the Rev Charles ALLY, rector of Gowran and Castlecomer, in that county, and grand daughter of the Most Rev Dr ALLY, Archbishop of York; the said Joseph HAYDEN was also great grandson of Dr Edward TENISON, Bishop of Ossory, nephew of the Most Rev Dr Thomas TENISON, Archbishop of Canterbury, who administered the last sacrament to King William the third and Mary his QueenCurious
July 12, at Dartmounth, Devon, two days after landing, John KING, Esq. third Judge of the Court of Small Causes, Calcutta, aged 51. Mr. King was born in Castleisland, Kerry, and he left India, after a residence of 31 years, in the hope of enjoying a green old age in his native land, cheered by the best wishes of thousands who admired his probity as a judge and his many virtues as a private friend.Curious
September 7, at Banagher, Mr Connor TIERNEY, aged 96, formerly a corporal in the King's County Militia, and was engaged in the memorable conflict at Vinegar Hill June 21st 1798Curious
October 25, at the Monastery of Saint Joseph, Clondalkin, aged 100 years, Nicholas FURLONG, Esq. Mr FURLONG retired from all worldy pursuits 25 years ago, and since then resided in the monastery, dvoting his whole life to religious pursuits. He died in full enjoyment of all his faculties. His remains were interred in the cemetery in the monastery. May he rest in peace. This venerable man was father-in-law of Alderman John REYNOLDS, J.P.Curious
December 23, Mr James BRADY, printer, aged eighty years. He was apprenticed in the year 1799 to the late John POTTS, Esq, then proprietor of Saunder's News-Letter, and never changed his employment from that period to his death, continuing in active general health up to within the past year.Curious
Death of Centenarians.—Our obituary this week records the death of James DOYLE of South Hylton, near Sunderland, on the 24th instant, at the extraordinary age of one hundred and seven years. Deceased was a native of Ireland, and papermaker by trade. —Sunderland Herald. The oldest man in Newport, Richard ROURKE, aged one hundred and three years, died here on Monday, having all his senses and the use of his limbs preserved to the last. The deceased was engaged in the great Irish rebellion, and it was to this town he escaped in a coaling vessel from bing arrested on that memorable occasion. During the few past months a few kind-hearted gentlemen subscribed towards his maintenance, but he was always dutifully cared for by "his boy", as the old man used to term his son, who is rather an aged man, working as ajourneyman printer. —Bristol Mercury.Curious
Extraordinary Longevity — A woman of the name of Bridget BOURKE died last week in Cashel Union Workhouse, aged 108 years. She had been an inmate of the Workhouse for the last ten years. She retained her faculties to the last. Her daughter aged 80, is an inmate of the Workhouse.—Clonmel ChronicleCurious
Death of a Centenarian.—Died on Friday, at Tybroughney, county Kilkenny, Mrs NOLAN, aged 110. Up to a short perio before her death, this woman could sing an excellent Irish song. Her Funeral was attended by her youngest son aged 70.Waterford NewsCurious
Children to be brought up Roman CatholicCurious
Long noticeCurious
Death of an Aged Indian.—John O'BRIEN Shenandoah died in Albany County Hospital on the 20th ult. His father, John O'BRIEN, was an Irishman, and emigrated to this country in 1745, and soon after married a squaw of the Stockbridge (Mass.) tribe of Indians. John was borb 1751, and his father being a man of means sent him to France for his education. He returned to this country in the same vessel which brought LAFAYETTE, and took an active part in many of the battles of the Revolution. Although 109 years at the time of his death, he retained all his faculties, except his sight, to the last.—New York Tablet.Curious
A Young Couple.—On Shrove Tuesday a young couple belonging to Annagasson were married in Togher Chapel by The Rev Mr M'KEONE, whose ages were as follows:— James MATHEWS, a sailor, aged 16, and Alice BICKERSTAFF, aged 15, daughter of Capt BICKERSTAFF of the schooner GuessCurious
Death of Charles HOLMES, Esq
  We have to record the death of a venerable and worthy man – Charles HOLMES, Esq., of Kilquane – who lived far beyond the term allotted to the human race, and who, during a very prolonged career, won the esteem, the respect, and the affection of all who were acquainted with his admirable disposition and honourable character.  : He was father to Messrs. Robert and J HOLMES of Athlunkard.  He had reached the patriarchial age of 104 years, in the perfect enjoyment of every faculty until the day of his death, which took place on Wednesday, the 31st ult.  He was always of active and energetic habits–of a tranquil and sprightly temperament.  He remembered well many of those men who had taken part in the last seiges of Limerick; and it was his custom to speak of incidents in the olden times with delight.  His remains were this day conveyed to their last resting place of his ancestors in the old Churchyard of Kilquane, attended by a numerous and highly respectable funeral procession.– R.I.P.

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