Cahirorney county Limerick

The survey of the parish circa 1800 [detailed descriptions]

Photos of the CROKER family Vault in Cahircorney churchyard

Front of mausoleum

Side and rear view

Other more modest memorials in the church yard

Other side

Edward CROKER's statement of purpos

Memorial inscription on floor to Edward CROKER d 1732 and his wife Mary (nee BUCKNOR)

Memorial inscription on wall to John CROKER who died 3 March 1858 Edward CROKER above was his great great great grandfather

Memorial inscription on wall to John CROKER's wife Catherine CROKER (nee BAGNELL)

Memorial inscription on wall to John CROKER's brother Henry CROKER

Inscription on the roof line recording that Limerick County Council restored the mausoleum in 2002. Prior to the restoration it was in a poor shape overgrown with ivy and with the roof fallen in. I for one much appreiate the work they have done and expect it to remain in a good condition for another hundred years at least.

The CROKER family lived at Ballyneguard. This is what the ruins of the house looks like these days.