Nick Reddan – birth brief macro workbook

This workbook uses formulae and macros to maintain a birth brief. A birth brief consists of all direct ancestors of a person. This is an update of the spreadsheets I developed about 15 years ago and reflects the changes in Excel and my skill in using Excel. If you had used one of the earlier macro spreadsheets Excel or 1-2-3 your data can be imported to the new version. In addition, if you begin the entry in the "Other" cell with "liv" all data for that individual except the name will be supressed in the generated web pages.

There are also macros the allow you to export a web site with a page for all the people in the birth brief. A example of the output is here. The site uses CSS and includes a sheet in the workbook which will export the required CSS.

To use the workbook after downloading it go to the Defaults page and fill in the default values in the blue shaded cells. Then go to the "display" sheet and click on an "Edit this person" button to start adding data. You can navigate by using the buttons which change the person at the head on the display (in the left most column). You can also navigate by changing the values in the generation and number in generation cells at the top left hand part of the display. The buttons at the top are reasonably self explanatory.

To export the CSS go to the CCS sheet and press the button at the top. You can change the colours etc by changing the "color:" values on the CSS sheet and re-exporting it.

If you want more information or experience problems send me an e-mail using the contact link above.