Nick Reddan's macro index tools for Word on Mac

Differences between Windows and Mac

Word for Mac 2011 has a similar but different look and feel to Word 2007 or 2010.

Enabling the developer tab

To access the visual basic for applications under Word for Mac 2011 you need to enable the develope tab. This site shows how to see also this document.

Attaching a macro to a key in Word for Mac

In Windows macros are usually assigned to a key combination like {crtl}{shif}Q. In the Mac environment the command key is used instead of the control key.

  1. On the Tools menu at the top of the window, click Customize Keyboard.
  2. In the Categories list, click macro.
  3. In the Commands list, click the macro that you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to.
    Any keyboard shortcuts that are currently assigned to the selected task appear in the Current keys box.
    If you prefer to use a different keyboard shortcut, add another shortcut to the list, and then use it instead.
  4. In the Press new keyboard shortcut box, type a key combination that includes at least one modifier key (COMMAND , CONTROL , OPTION , SHIFT ) and an additional key, such as COMMAND + OPTION + F11 .
    If you type a keyboard shortcut that is already assigned, the action assigned to that key combination appears next to Currently assigned to.
  5. Click Assign.